Friday, January 4, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: January 4th

This is a very exciting time.  I am now writing for two.  Perhaps tonight, if I feel daring enough, I will be eating steak for two.  The "two" in question are the two blogs I now contribute to: this one, and the one with my buddies at .

John in CT (Football Pick'em Podcast) offered a ringing endorsement of the site and that made me feel really good!   Thanks John... I hope we can keep up the quality posts on there.  Today we'll be doing NFL Wild Card Previews, plus a look at the BCS Title game.

Very big annoyance this morning at the office.  Some joker decided to crank out a crap recording on the computer speakers and now they're all blown out.  Now, this isn't my own computer but our shared computer at the Main Office.  In fact, I sent a slightly jovial email about it to my colleagues.   For shame, fellas!  For shame!!!!

Those speakers were pretty cheap anyway, despite carrying the "Harman/Kardon" name.  Still, I have very little tolerance for listening to distorted speakers.  

I'm sad to report I now have an addiction to Q-Tips.   Of all the things in the world, Q-Tips?!  But it's true.  It all started when I had trouble getting water out of my ear after swimming.  That developed into an ear infection.  Suddenly I've become a real putz with the Q-tips, trying to keep the ear canals dry and using them, mostly, to rub out inner ear itches.

Q-Tips, folks.   Some people can't stamp out smoking, and some have trouble with drinking.  Others have addictions to very real problems like meth.   This joker decides he's going to ruin his health and his hearing with little cotton swabs.  Unbelievable!

Speaking of jokers, and oh baby you knew I was going here, the USC Football Program is a complete disgrace.  I can't remember if I wrote about this already but it bears repeating:  YOU GUYS AREN'T ANY GOOD!   What are these a-holes doing dissing El Paso Texas?  If they think El Paso is that lame then what are they doing settling for that game in the first place?  What is SC doing not winning a single game against a top level opponent this year?  NOT ONE!   SC is the one forced to play that Sun Bowl -- who's the lame one now?

A lot of people want Lane Kiffin gone, and I can't argue with them.   I know it's only been two seasons, but the program has not only been underwhelming in the standings, but the complete crassness and arrogance (meaning undeserved arrogance) has brought SC right back into the dumper.   The problem here is that USC is a mid level program acting like they're the Number One Ranked team in the country.   Lane Kiffin is also, by far, THE most overrated coach in football.  And I'm talking pro football, college football, high school football, and pop warner football.  Yeah you heard, me, little Pop Warner coaches would school him in a neighborhood league game.  I think Lane ought to get one more year, but this is it.  If it gets that bad he has to go.  I forget how long Paul Hackett hung around, but it probably was not more than five years.   One last shot, sleaze.   Make sometime of yourself for once.

Chip Kelly.  Lots to come with that, but even with one foot already out the door, he put together an impressive performance with the Ducks and defeated the Kansas State Wildcats in the Fiesta Bowl 35-17.  Wow!   Now that's a good coach.  I wish him well in the NFL where I am *positive* he is going.

People are really just a little too excited about the Redskins.  I know they won seven in a row, but that team has very little defense to speak of.  It's a beaten down and shorthanded defense to be sure, but it's for exactly that reason why I think they'll get exposed against the Seahawks.   RGIII with no protection against that aggressive Seattle front seven?  Whoo!   That will not end well.  It's a fun looking matchup on paper, but honestly I'd be shocked if Washington won that game outright, even at home.  No way. 

I'm also playing the role of contrarian, and, believe it or not, I like the Texans to put away the Bungles.  No matter what Cincy brings to the table with their good defense, they still have to score points, and even with AJ Green, I don't know how the Bungles will get away with their meager scoring, overall.   They have scored 30+ points five times this season, and those were against Cleveland, Washington, the Giants when they were in their letdown mode, Oakland, and Philly.  Yeah, I'm pulling a McKayla Maroney here, not impressed.

Nobody is trusting the Texans, and I understand that, and it makes sense.  Nevertheless, I think Houston can win one game, and that will be on Groundhog Wild Card game on the same day, time, channel, stadium and against the same team. 

Don't forget:  Tonight is a major matchup for NBA bragging rights.  Lakers at the Clippers.   For obvious reasons the Clips are the favorite, but now I'm interested to see if the Clippers can put on a real show against the old guard.   They beat LAL early in the season and I'd be expecting the same tonight but that's why they play the game!

Likewise, a huge game beetween Texas A&M vs Oklahoma.  I'm rootin for A&M here, but for some reason I get the feeling OU will win anyway.    I'm just not sure what the Aggies have other than their great quarterback.  Oklahoma has a number of NFL future draft picks, and although they're not impressive with Landry Jones, the rest of their team, offensive line, defensieve line and LB's (David King, folks), and overall a better more balanced roster of talent.  Oklahoma has also had a reasonably decent schedule.  Consider this:  their losses were to Notre Dame and Kansas State, two BCS Bowl teams.   Oklahoma could be playing the ultimate spoiler tonight.

That's all for now.  I'll be looking for another Q-tip my friends.  Enjoy the weekend!

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