Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: January 16th

Traffic coming home last night... BRUTAL.   One car has an accident on the 405 by the Getty Center and a whole clustermess clogs every major thoroughfare on the Westside.  What a pain getting home last night... that was a 90 minute bus ride.

I should have sensed something bad was happening when the bus was nearly full at the bus *terminal*.  Yoi!!!!!

Today is off to an odd start... there are no paper coffee cups at the front desk today.  I won't get to use a cup for the Keurig machine.  I used to have my own permanent travel mug, you know, one of those plastic and chrome dealies, and then I took it to the bathroom to rinse it, took a leak, and then forgot to take it back.   Hours later I realized I left it there, so I went back to the bathroom at work and it was gone.  GONE baby gone!   I did my best to query UCLA Lost and Found but no dice.  Some joker out in the universe now rides around with a coffee mug with "Dave in the City" podcast logo.

Anyway, I'll have to go to the cafe for coffee until the staff can get in some new paper cups.  Dang.

There is no stopping the Clippers.  None.

I stand by my statement that I think Kansas basketball will be ranked Number 1 before season's end.  I didn't mean they'd be #1 for a very long time, but for at least one week they'll be tops.

I stand by my statement that the Lakers suck.   Now Earl Clark and Jodie Meeks are supposed to rescue the team.   It was good to see D12 back in the lineup however and score 31 pts.   BUT, thats not changing my tune.   This is a bad bad basketball team.

I'm running out of ideas.   I did however absorb a half a bottle of fine wine last night.  It was tremendous!

Planters now makes their own peanut butter, did you know?  I am trying it right now.  Not bad... not bad.

This peanut butter sandwich would have been a lot better with coffee.  Oi.

I couldn't take any more of ESPN riding this Lance Armstrong story.  What a chore.  Even this morning, I had to change the station.   Yo, ESPN.  GET OVER IT!  

Anyone remember the Anonymous PR Guy chat with the people at Deadspin?  One ongoing theme I took from all that:  Most athletes are really stupid people.   Stupid people from all walks of life too..

Hockey is back, and so will I be!   I'm considering a special kebab lunch to honor the return of Kings Hockey on Saturday afternoon.   Chicken and beef!   and then they drop the puck.   Woo hoo!

Imagine Dragons: cool new band.

Yep, I think that's it for today.    Time to catch up on the other things.   Catch you all soon!

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