Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: January 23rd

I play Solitaire on the computer nowadays to pass the time.  I started it up again around the Christmas Break, and at the time I could not win a game for days.  Then I realized, I should not draw from the upper left pile unless the card can subsequently move another stack over.  THEN, I realized that I should take out stacks on the right side of the field first not the other way around.   The objective, as I saw it, was to reveal all the face down cards.  Since implementing those two strategies, Solitaire has become much more successful.

In fact, I now play the game and my goal is to win at least one game EVERY night, however long it takes.  I've gotten pretty good at it, so now I can get to a Solitaire win about once an hour.  I don't know how well that fares against the league average.

The Kings got destroyed in the 3rd period last night.  How could they not get in any serious goals against Varlaamov?   That's hideous... and I could sense immediately that the rust was still in effect.  Fourth line was great, but how about lines 1, 2, and 3?

Can we please stop with the Howard/Lopez/Love trade talks?  Now the rumor is picking up steam with other NBA sites, and I just plead with everyone:  Stop.  Let's calm down and think with our heads for a moment.   I'm not ruling out a Dwight Howard trade, in fact, I feel like there could be one imminent, but to think that he'd get traded for *another* high profile NBA superstar would be outrageous.  And Minnesota will agree to all of this in exchange for the less than mediocre Brook Lopez?  Let's not go crazy now!

I was going at it with Andrew and Jacob, resident 49ers fans, yesterday about the Niners defense.   They thought they handled the Packers offense well.  Be that as it may, the defense isn't that great and while they haven't statistically "given up the big play" they've given up a lot of field in smaller chunks.   Julio Jones had his *way* against the 49ers.  I fail to see how Flacco/Boldin/Smith and Ray Rice don't do the same thing on Super Sunday.  More to come from the Super Bowl a later on.

I'm sad to see the end of the "Super Six" era, i.e. the same six quarterbacks that represented the last three Super Bowls and also a group for which at least one of them played in every Super Bowl going back to the 2002 season.

INTERESTINGLY, 2002 was the same year of Raiders/Bucs which is only now being discussed because of possible allegations that Raiders Coach Bill Callahan threw the game with a radically different game plan.

First of all, what difference does it make?  That Raider team was not very good and despite going off on everyone in the AFC Playoffs, they seemed pretty weak.  The whole NFL was pretty weak in 2002.  The Super Bowl that year between the aformentioned teams had to be the worst one I've seen yet.

Nothing about that Super Bowl was good... even Shania Twain couldn't save it.   Some other joker was performing with her at half time and I forgot who it was.  Oh yes, and great job by the NFL getting someone who was already in the twilight of her career.

Speaking of THAT, looky here, Beyonce is this year's Halftime Show.   To be fair, Beyonce is not in her twilight but she's getting close.  What was the last big hit she had and when was it?  Two years ago?  Five years ago?   I think she peaked with her pop hits around 2006 or so?

Lady Gaga... does it seem like we haven't heard from her in a while?  It might be for good reason.  She only recently returned to the U.S.A. after a massive tour of the globe.   She had her mini cameo with the Rolling Stones in Brooklyn.  Then, just the other night, she performed for two nights at Staples Center.  Little did we know that her concert would be the best performance at Staples Center in the last five days!

Clippers got spanked last night.  Kings got destroyed by the Blackhawks a few days earlier.  If you want to back a few more days, the Lakers were shut down by the Heat at Staples last Thursday Night.  A 98 pound freak outperformed the Defending Stanley Cup Champions, a roster of former all stars, and the most exciting team in the NBA.  Imagine that?

I mean where the HELL is LA sports right now?   I think the Kings are in good shape long term, but can they finally win a game please?   Thankfully the Oilers are next for them.  At last a victory is imminent.

Lakers, ugh... forget it.

Clips, that wasn't such a bad loss when you consider they were without Chris Paul.  All it did was show everyone how important he is to the team.  The Clippers were lost without Paul.  They had no idea how to find open shots, and many times, the ball handler would go iso and settle for some off balance jumper.  Some of them went in like some of Blake Griffin's fadeaways from 15.

Griffin's jumper is improving each year, and I think he could be deadly from there with enough practice.

There are a lot of people who love to email NY Columnist Phil Mushnick about Mike Francesa's show.  Perhaps they do it to act as a whistle blower.  Now imagine if you wanted to contact Mushnick and you found out his home phone number?  I bet it would blow your MIND.

A buffet would sound really good this week.  I'd love to try a buffet that offers porterhouse steaks as part of their menu.  Unlimited porterhouse steak chops would be divine.

Ah!  And on the subject of meat I'm happy to report that meatballs are readily available from the deli counter should you so desire.   I didn't realize it was available at regular grocery stores too.  The last time I got meatballs was at this fancy place called "Bay Cities Italian Deli."  Scary good deli, but it's good to know I can go to the local Vons or Ralphs and pick up a meatball or two.

I got the half dozen meatballs and took em home.  Then I reheated the penne pasta and marinara sauce with a meatball in the bowl.   Boy was that good!

Lately I haven't had a ton of reason to eat out much during the week, but I do miss it.  However, I'm hoping that my sparse trips to the takeout window are paying dividends to health and finance.  It doesn't seem like it, but I think it is.

I like that I don't have to go out every night to find food to eat.   I'm such a fool for not thinking of this strategy sooner.  Hopefully I can someday go get a new car with the money I save.

I may need to move to a smaller town.  Emergency Ambulance sirens and fire trucks can be tough to take every single night.   A quieter neighborhood would not kill me.

Trust me, it's not a dangerous neighborhood at all.  The only thing is, I'm very close to one major thoroughfare, Santa Monica Blvd, and pretty close to another one, Wilshire Blvd.  The odds of having either one of those vehicles on the road once a night is pretty high.

I rib on my home town of Oxnard, but I don't think I realize how dangerous the rest of the world is compared to my hometown.  Santa Barbara was also really nice, and very safe.  Santa Barbara had one death a year due to foul play.  Only one.

Imagine if your town had just one death a year?   How amazing would that be?  If the town was more than say 20,000 people, that is. 

I hope to someday move back to Santa Barbara, even if in retirement.  I hope I can make it that far too.

Can the Clippers make it far enough to make the Finals?   If Chris Paul's health can't get it together they have *no* chance.   Given the choice of Make the Finals, Win the Title, and get bounced in the first round, I still think the third choice is the most likely to happen.   No question about it!

Beef ribs sound amazing right now, don't they?   Again with the beef: I know this is not good for my health.

The search for a keyboard continues but I laxed off of it some realizing I dont have much for piano skills.  Ah well.

Til tomorrow!  Have a good Wednesday.

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