Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: April 11th

I can't think of much to write for today's entry.

Sometimes in life you wake up in the morning and don't have an opinion on anything.

Sometimes you go out there and you don't have a prediction to make.   I mentioned last night that I have the Lakers winning 1 game in the playoffs, maybe none, but that was about all I had.

Sometimes you aren't looking to eat anything specific.  That day hasn't come for a while though.  Today I'm feeling like a double sausage omelette. Yum.  

Sometimes it takes a while to come up with the ideas.  I can see why in sports, everybody has to do warmups first.  It sounds silly but it makes a big difference.

The mind needs a warmup too... I don't know of any particular "mind exercises" but just writing little things can lead to writing bigger things.

Ah here we go!  The Masters is coming up this weekend, in fact it's coming up right now.  I'd love to see Tiger get the Green Jacket this year, but we'll see.  I'm a little surprised he's such a big favorite to win it.   He's been playing better golf, but I think these odds show how starved the public is for a Tiger Woods Major.   I hope Kooch is in this one too... if not Tiger it's gotta be Matt Kuchar.  It doesn't look like he'll have much of a say... most folks are pumping up Keegan Bradley and *maybe* Rory McIlroy.

My buddy Chris in Syracuse and I were talking about Barbecue last night.   He asked me "What is your favorite kind of BBQ sauce?  Meaning, did I like my BBQ sauce spicy, tangy, or sweet?"  I said tangy was my thing but it depends on the meat you use.  I also mentioned how I liked Chili's Baby Back Ribs

Then he said "Dave, you can do so much better than Chili's"   You know what?  He's right, but Chili's always was the easiest to find for good ribs.   Then I brought up some other places my friends recommended.

THEN, I showed him this site:

Jim's Fallbrook Market BBQ in the Valley.  Would you believe how mesmerized he was by it?  It was like a kid on Christmas.  My buddy was really into the menu on that website.  He loved it!  I loved it too...   we spent the rest of the night talking about the Jim's Fallbrook Market BBQ menu.

I think everyone has people they'd like to meet.  One guy I've always wanted to meet but never talked about before: John McEnroe.   When I meet him, I'd like talk to him about other sports too.   He's big on the Mets and Giants, if memory serves.  Loves basketball.  Dude would be a great conversation.

McEnroe is a funny story:  he looks older than he is.  I think in his salad days with commentary doing the U.S. Open matches on USA Network he was still in his 40's, which would make him in his mid to late 50's today.  He seems much older than that, but that shows you how young tennis players are.  When you hit *30* it's usually time to retire.

What happened to that showdown interview between Cowherd and Simmons?  I listened to every show this week and it was supposed to happen one of these days.    Talk about false advertising.

That's all for the moment.  Have a good Thursday!

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