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Live Blog: Kings vs Ducks - 4/7/13

Friends, I have secured a means to watch the Kings/Ducks game tonight, live from Anaheim!   So, as the game goes along, I'll live blog it here.

We pick it up 2/3 through the First Period, Ducks up 1-0.   The Ducks got the first goal RIGHT AWAY, barely 2 minutes into the game.  Kings had two power plays so far in the period but didn't score in any of them.

AND we are treated to those wonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnderful unbiased Ducks broadcasters John Ahlers and Brian Heyward.  In LA, games between the Ducks and Kings only get one telecast, so Fox Sports Net usually chooses the home team's broadcasts.   Lucky us, we get the Anaheim guys! case you couldn't tell I was being sarcastic.

4:58 to go, 1st Period.   Lots of great scoring chances for the Kings.  Team is seriously on a roll, I don't know how they got all this offense!  Sad thing about tonight's game.  Toffoli is scratched.  I sure hope it's a healthy scratch... it was hard to tell how hurt he was on the radio when I heard some of those other games this week.

Forgot to mention, backup Goalie Jonathan Bernier is starting.   Quickie is amazing but let's face it, Bernier is pretty *close* to amazing himself.  It's as close as you can get to the Montana/Young tandem... could you imagine such a talented *backup* QB back then.  Same idea here with the Kings goaltenders.

C'mon right here, GO.  Geez...  Icing.

I'd be very surprised if the Kings won tonight.  Whole lot of games this week, although most of them were at home.  They've been hot.   Any team would be due to cool down after all that.   The Wild and Oilers victories were unbelievable!  They just DOMINATED both teams!!  Then I came to find out the Wild's defense really took a dive this year.

We have a good Kings fan contingent in the crowd tonight!  Great job by the Kings faithful.

You really had to have *faith* to remain a Kings fans all those years leading up to the Stanley Cup Title you know what I mean?  Muahahahahahaha...

I'd take that Air Canada Prize package to the Ducks/Canucks game.   The Canucks are such losers I'd be HAPPY to see even the Ducksies smash them.  And to hell with those moron green guys behind the penalty box.  Get a life.

Geez, another save!!  This Fasth guy is really on his toes.   Last shot from Reghr, new pickup via trade.

7 seconds to go, 1st period.   Kings might be down 1-0 but seems like they outplayed Anaheim for most of the period.  That'll do it: first intermission.

"Kings made their push last five minutes," Hazey?   It was more like the last fifteen!  I could count the Anaheim shots on goal from that point on one hand.

Powerball coming to LA...   I didn't realize it wasn't here already.   Fellas out East, is the Powerball deal worth the hype?

Just got a call from my Dad... I'm trying to explain how to play AVI files on a Mac.  Stupid Apple... Apple really sucks.  They are so petty they won't even include AVI support in Quicktime.

Dollar Loan Center.... seems so seedy.  I looked up the interest rates, and they're just as high as most credit cards.  Very lame.  --and now they have commercials *everywhere*.  On TV and the Radio.  It's a scene!

Would you watch Brain Games?  On National Geographic.

Honda Center's a very nice place... starting to show it's age, though.   I love the intimacy of it.   Feels very cozy in there, and I can only imagine how loud it gets when the Ducks get rolling.

Whoah... Andrea Bocelli is performing June 9th at Honda Center.  Interesting. 

Bruno Mars is also performing that month at Staples.   Remind me to go out of town that month.

Ok, Second Period underway, here we go!!

I really can't stand these Anaheim Ducks jokers in the booth.   It's them and the White Sox guys... just ridiculous homers.

Again with the high sticking?!   Good lord... Was that really necessary Clifford???

Anaheim with a Power Play... not good, fellas.  Just get it out of there...   It clears a little bit.    We need that 100 foot clear.  Oi...   got stuck on the side of the goal.

YES!!   That's more like it.  

One more... Noice... Power Play's over!

OOH!  So close!!  Richardson almost wedged it in.

That's a terrible turnover!!!   Get back...  whew, just recovered.

Back in the day you used to be able to put the AM radio on to get the radio broadcast of your local team in sync with the TV broadcast.  There's no way you can do that today with all the satellite and digital transmission delays.    It would very useful to sync this with Nick and Daryl on Kings Radio 1150 AM, ah well.

14:17 to go, 2nd Period.  Ducks called for a penalty so the Kings get the Power Play.  BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Drew Doughty from just beyond the point, right inside the blue line..... one timer goes through like 6 guys!   1-1 tie at the "Pond."

Doughty had been cold all year, and now two goals in the last two games, with the previous one the empty netter vs Edmonton.

Just poured a cup of Ruby Red Grapefruit juice.  Ahhh, this is so good.   Refreshing.

Ducks putting on a great forecheck last two minutes.   This is getting intense again!

Uh oh...

OHHHHH!    DeBorra, or whatever his name was carried the puck on his own to the goal but the shot had nothing on it.  Same score.

Folks are really talking up the Ducks' Palmerri.   I dig... he's pretty damn good.

Hahahahahahaahaha... more complaints from the Ducks guys about officiating.  Oh look Stoll just checked someone,  CALL HIM FOR BOARDING!  (It's just a plain check onto the glass face first, without much force even, I was just joking)

How did the Kings break up that Ducks 3 on 2?  Whew!

6:45 to go, 2nd period.  It's getting *really* feisty at the Pond!!   Kings this close to getting Justin Williams with a clear shot at the goal but called offside. 

The Ducks get another game tomorrow against Edmonton.  Tickets for that one are dirt cheap!   It's tempting to not buy into that... Games at Honda Center are fun even if I don't root for the home team there.

Last time I saw a game out there was four years ago.  The Ducks had a game against Dallas, which was on a Sunday night.  Pretty good game!  I also got a free Duck Call as part of a giveaway.  Those duck calls were pretty good.  I don't think we used them during the game much.

Maybe the Ducks guys aren't used to this "defense" thing.   I'd think that game against Chicago would have given them some education.. Hee hee...

The Ducks won that game against Chicago... in fact, the Ducks have won every game at home except for five so far.

One thing I do agree with John Ahlers on --OOH!!  That *was* a nice pass, and the winger fanned on it for the Ducks.   That was a goal for Anaheim if he connected.

Anyway, John was saying "The Regher trade is a clear signal that the Kings don't expect D Willie Mitchell back this year."  Absolutely right.   I hope those draft picks LA sent to Buffalo don't burn the Kings down the line, but LA's front office is hitting "Win Now" time.   I'm down for that too -- the peak is *now,* let it roll.

4:30 to go, 2nd period.  GEEEEZ!   Another good onside rush for the Ducks.  I'm starting to learn some of these other guys on the Ducks.   I knew about Palmerri from the last two years, but Emerson Lydham (sp?) is a newbie.   He's got a lil pop from what I see.

Selanne is about as old as Kobe in NHL terms.   It's incredible what he can do all these years later.  I thought he'd retire too, but he's still playing at a very high level.   Did one of the teams take an on-ice timeout?  Very odd, I didn't really see any real issues from either team. 

3 minutes left, 2nd period.  C'mon Kings don't do anything stupid here...

MOTHER BLEEPER!!  What'd I just say?   Effing turnover to Corey Perry of all people...   left him all alone on Bernier.   STUPID!!!  Ducks lead 2-1.

Quickie would have stopped that, but that's not important... pretty mean shot by Perry.   Just ridiculous.    You CANT leave a virtual penalty shot for a top 5 NHL player like that!  Idiocy!!!!

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!   Kings had a lot of action in the Ducks' zone and a feed to Jeff Carter slams it home from point blank range.  Carter's killing it here, what a big answer of a goal!  Tie game 2-2.

And that's the second period!!!!!!  That tying goal was huge!!!!!!  To think I absolutely trashed Lombardi for trading Jack Johnson and some other guy for Jeff Carter.  All he's done is carry the Kings through that uneven first part of the season, then the Hat Trick, and honestly, he's been their most dependable goal scorer this year.

You know that lady in the blue dress in those Diet Pepsi commercials?  She's outstanding my friends!   Beautiful, graceful, amazing charisma, and she loves Diet Pepsi.   I gotta carry around cans of Diet Pepsi when I go out on the town.

You couldn't pay me to subscribe to Fox Soccer Plus... get outa here...

A Nardwuar interview during the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year would be epic.  Hope they get that going!

I still haven't heard Nardwuar's CITR radio show on Fridays.   I gotta get on that, he's got great taste in music..... eh?

Ah yes, the ACM awards for Country Music are going on as we speak.   We out West will get the usual 3 hour delay on CBS.  Jon Heyman would love living out West.

This Oggi's Pizza commercial is a hoot!   Definitely an Orange County original... very folksy.  It's a folksy family pizza parlor kind of place.  I *love* those kind of places.  

If Disney has the "ESPN Family of Networks," Fox has the "Mexican Enormous Family of Networks."   In one spot set we had promos for things on Fox Sports Net,  Fox Soccer Plus, FX, and this doodad "Fox Mundo."   Then there's Big Fox, Fox Business, Fox News, and coming soon, Fox Sports 1.   I'm sure that's not all of them.  Oh yes, Fox Movie Channel too, but there's still others.

Here we go!  Third Period all set to go...

Doughty should have passed on that 2 on 1 but I'm nitpicking.  Onward.

Boy this game got really up and down.  Feels like an 80's NHL game.

I smell chicken fingers.  Whoever the neighbor is that's heating them up made a great decision.

Whole lot of loose puck handling in this period.  That favors the Ducks.  Whew!

Team speed on the Ducks -- really impressive.  I'm going to find this team exciting to watch in the playoffs.

Slashing call on Jeff Carter.  Let's see the replay... eeeee... tough spot.   Big test for Kings penalty killers.

Ducks making the most of this PP so far!     Zing... oiii...

Reminds me of a blitz in the NFL, just seemed like everyone ganged up on one puck and BOOM... Berinier had no idea he left a rebound for Belezky and the Ducks now up 3-2.

Hey look at that!  Ducks fans get free Breadsticks at Oggi's when the Ducks score a power play goal at home.  Good stuff.

Almost, Williams, almost!

Kings can't seem to take the lead in this game.  Even when they tie it, it eventually gives way to another Ducks goal, but great effort tonight by both sides.  LOVE the passion here!

Wraparoundthis... ok no ... where's the puck?!   One clean shot here... blocked geez!  Dang....  What a great sequence by the Kings, but no goal.

Somebody call a whistle this is ridiculous.   The Kings were chipping away on the puck as Perry was laid out against the boards...  that puck had no chance of breaking free.  Ok there's the whistle...

10:50 to go in regulation.   Mostly neutral zone play...

There we go, whoaahhhh missed shot by who was that...  Carter I think... went out but back into the Ducks zone.

8:45 to go...  gotta take a breath!  You couldn't pay me to get a hot dog from Weinerschnitzel... I tried them multiple times, every time was disgusting.

Speak of the devil -- a Heineken commercial.

I got a bad feeling this ends in regulation.  The way this game's going, both teams deserve a point.   Wouldn't mind some OT.

So much pressure by the Kings, during a lot of the game.   Incredible resilience by the Ducks to keep the lead after all this!

6 minutes to go...

4:30 to go...

Brown had a nice shot but no one was there for the rebound... whoof!!

THEY GOT IT!!!! KOPITAR SHOT IT FIRST, and Brownie had another pop at a rebound... right in front of the crease!!  Kings tie it 3-3!

The puck was all the way in the air and Brown tapped it like a baseball bunt.  Sweet!

Now it gets VERY good, with under 3:30 left.

Refs really letting them play tonight too...  I think in this case it benefits the matchup.  Very noice.

Wait NOW it's an icing?  All right all right.   1:50 left in regulation.

Ooh!   Hard shot by Scuderi but Faust sucks it in.

1 minute to go...

Whoah!!   Dwight King  had pass to Stoll in front of the net, then a scrum, now the net's off the moorings.  Kings really slamming on the heat here!

Still nervous though... 35 sec left.   I think both teams are just trying to preserve the status quo now.  Wasn't the case leading up to that last faceoff.  Kings really wanted the win outright!

Ducks got ONE shot in the last 12 seconds, but it misses.   That's the 3rd period!   OVERTIME.

As it stands, big performance by the Kings to even get the one point.   Getting the 2nd point would be nooooooice icing.

I'm eager to see how both teams do 4 on 4.   Kings have it first in the Ducks zone.  Kopitar wasting no time, but a save.

3 min left in OT.    Ducks put together a nice shift in the Kings' zone, but I really like how the Kings trapped Selenne right after he got the entry pass in the zone.

THOUGHT the Ducks scored there, but no!  Wow!!

2 min left in OT.

Another shot by the Kings, stopped by Faust!  Make that Fasth... I've been spelling it wrong all night, oops.

These teams are really going for it in the OT!  Great to see... 1 min left in OT.

That's all for overtime!   Now to the shootout.   The Kings are pretty bad at shootouts.  3 shootout losses for the Kings this year in a shortened season.   Oddly, the Ducks have five OT losses.

Bobby Ryan goes first.   It's in!   Ducks go ahead in the shootout.

..ok fellas, this could be a very short shootout.  What a great move by Ryan.

Richards can't counter.  He's usually good with these but he looked lost out there.

Koivu next for Anaheim.   Got it... 

Carter to extend the game -- HE SCORES!!!   Up into the upper part of the net.

But Perry's got it back to win it outright.   Zing.  Ducks win 4-3.

Thank God we don't have these goofball shootouts in the playoffs.   Even if the Kings won there, I'm not a fan of shootouts.  It's like having a field goal kicking contest to decide NFL games.  Not a fan at all... but nonetheless, what a game!   Great play, particularly by the Kings, and hanging tough with the Ducks is no easy feat.

The Ducks broadcasters are pretty excited about how the Ducks might hold a top spot in the conference, but it's hard to judge that.   Doesn't it seem like your odds of success with a high seed in the Stanley Cup playoffs is 50/50?  And the ONE seed is almost like a kiss of death.

Perry had a MONSTER game tonight.  So did Brownie.  So did Carter for the Kings.  So did Goaltender Fasth for the Ducks.   Everybody gave a big effort!  This was a very fun one to watch, and on to the rest of the season.  Still about a month to go for the NHL regular season.  Every game's important.   Ducks get back at it tomorrow with the Oilers at home.   Kings travel to Dallas to play the Stars on Tuesday.  

And with that, Dave out!   Regular "Thoughts of the Day" blog to follow.

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