Monday, April 22, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: April 22nd

Coach and I are prepping for a trip to SD with some of our buddies who we'll meet there.   It's a good time to be alive.

It was *hot* this weekend, anyone notice that in California?  Whew, temps well above 80, which isn't that hot honestly but it was hot for the month.   Now it seems like it's about 62.   I rather enjoyed it, actually, but some of my family were not into it.

This weekend I went back to the 'nard for the weekend.  It was my cousin's birthday, and he turned 13. I really enjoyed the weekend.   The party at my Aunt's house was pretty good.  The day before, Saturday, I was with my parents and spent some time with my older sister too.

My sister has her own apartment a couple miles from where my parents live in Oxnard.    Its a nice newer apartment complex, and we checked out a few youtubes.

Do any of you all remember the show called "Buy My That" on HBO?  It was a join production of HBO and Consumer Reports designed to de-bunk the claims of childrens toy commercials.  The first one aired in 1990 and it was such a hit, they produced two sequels:  Buy Me That Too and Buy Me That 3.   We saw BMT2 on Youtube that night and it was a hoot!

We both were reminded of how entertaining commercials were in the Early 90's.  Geez louise, did you have any idea that they were selling hoards of New Kids on the Block Merchandise in those days?   How bogus must those kids feel now with all their old NKOTB toys?  That was a scene too.

If you bought a box of Corn Flakes in 1991, you would have a 99 out of 100 shot of getting a Boog Powell Baseball card.  BMT2 was quick to point this out.  I have no idea why they went with such an old player for the time.  His last year in the bigs was 1977.

The Dodgers are coming undone.  It seems so very mean... I get killed for giving up on teams easily, and I've been very supportive of the Dodgers, by and large, and the more I trust them, the worse they get.   After a six game losing streak, I had a HUGE rant which I posted here on the blog, but I quickly deleted it, realizing that LA was still only two under .500.   So I wrote a followup and thought it'd be ok as long as they could win a series the next week.

Finally the Dodgers won on Sunday, but *now* Chad Billingsley is back on the shelf!  You have to be kidding!

You ever notice that these things never happen to the Yankees?  I know they have some big injuries but they magically always come out of it and make the playoffs anyway, or at least come close.   They're off to a good start this season let's be honest.  Their rotation is pretty good, in my eyes.  I know their offense is limited, but as long as their rotation can hold up, they'll be all right.

Nobody is expecting them to win a division or anything, but an above .500 year will be a good year for NYY.

Lakers...   I thought their defense was pretty good yesterday at San Antonio!   People might be expecting too much of the Lake Show these days.  This morning Colin Cowherd claims that nobody on the team gets along with each other.  Um, all right Colin, keep stirring the pot.   Whose to say how much anyone gets along with anyone on any team?  The truth is, if the team starts winning, I would see most of those concerns go by the wayside.   Any team that loses a bunch will have a tough time holding in their frustration and it *can* lead to internal strife.

Clippers...  wow, I am fully surprised how well they played on Saturday.   Moreover, the Grizzles' offensive woes were a big issue, and even though they have a nice frontcourt, Conley was not able to elevate the level of the Grizz.   Boy did I miscalculate that one.  If the Clips win tonight, they have complete control of the first round.  I really thought this series would be neck and neck... the Grizzlies did not seriously challenge the Clippers' lead at ALL in Game 1.

Kings... team is on a roll.  I'll say no more.   They're in the playoffs.  Great to see them back.

Revis...  I'm not a Jets fan.  I'll leave it to the Jets fanbase to evaluate.   If I had to make a ruling I'd peg it as a good move for both sides.   I doubt Revis sees all three years of that contract, though.

Last note... Jim's Fallbrook Market in Woodland Hills has the best barbecue I've eaten in months.  Months!  I had a 50/50 sandwich: pulled pork and tri tip.  It was the most luscious, amazing, delicious sandwich there was.  Fantastic.

That's all from here.  Happy Monday!

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