Monday, April 29, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: April 30th

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are HERE!  I'm into it...

Can you get banned if you say something a moderator doesn't like on a different website?   Want me to try it??  ..I'm not trying it, I value my friends on the internet.

I literally didn't have anything bad to say anyway.   You see a lot of flame throwing on the internet, it's better to just sit back and enjoy it.   Those battles are the battles of others.  No point in piling on, right?

Cookies!  I like chocolate chip cookies...   do I get banned for saying I like Chocolate Chips?

A breakfast sandwich composed of chocolate chip cookies, eggs, ok maybe not eggs, but maybe some cream cheese or something, and strawberries.  Doesn't that sound great?   The chip-breakfastwich.   Or maybe, cookies, bacon, custard, and strawberries.   It's a winner.

I redeemed one of the three Subway coupons I got from the Padres game.   It was a strange setup:  you basically buy the equivalent of a footlong sub and get a free 30 oz drink.  But what you're really doing is buying a 6" sub, and the drink, and you get the second half of the foot-long for free.  The kicker is, you can make the second 6" sub a different style sandwich.   Noice feature, but it's still mediocre subway food.  I can dig -- can't beat the price.

Do you all enjoy the breakfast sandwiches at Starbucks?  The Sausage Sandwich is tremendous.  I've not attempted the others.   There was a bacon one with the egg whites they had once, and it was ok, but I don't think they have that now.  There's a similar one with bacon and regular egg if memory serves.

The egg in McDonald's Egg McMuffin is a real egg... cooked in a little mold and then served with the bread cheese and ham.  It's the only thing at McDonald's that isn't processed.  AND, might I add, it was invented by Herb Peterson in his McDonald's in Goleta!  Good stuff.

Baseball games... let's face it, they get tedious.  If people are at a game, and it drags on into the 7th, maybe 8th inning, you're not rooting for either team -- you're rooting for outs.   Get the outs... let's move the game *along!*   It's all part of the program.

I was thinking, in light of Jason Collins' announcement yesterday, where he revealed his sexuality, it pains me that people are not more open minded, on the whole.   Many of us are, and I'm glad for that, but there are people out there, even people I know who are set in their ways and refuse to accept that other people think differently.

It's one thing to like things one way or another way, but to expect everyone to fall in line doesn't evoke the human spirit.  If that truly happened, we would be ants... or cows...  that's no fun.

That's not so much a political statement, it's a statement of the human condition.  Imagine the ones who are stodgily set as baseball fans and can't adapt to enjoying other sports.  No, only baseball.   That doesn't seem like a way to live.  Or ones who just dismiss other sports like soccer, golf, or swimming as wastes of time.  Wouldn't one want to at least try it out first before judging?

Imagine?  I live in a good area for Mexican food and I don't know of a single great Breakfast Burrito between West LA and Westwood.   Tacos Por Favor had a decent one, but it didn't blow me away like George's Burgers did in SM or Frank's did in Hollywod.   It's too bad, hey?   Perhaps another restaurant can answer the bell later on.

I'd also like to try the NY Bagel and Deli (is that the name?) over on Wilshire and 23rd in Santa Monica.  People positively rave about this place, and compare it favorably to "the real thing" in New York.   That's a ringing endorsement!  I'll have to check it out.

Now I'm hungry.   Off I go into Tuesday.  Have a good one everybody!

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