Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: April 3rd

I have a few apologies to make this morning.

I'm sorry to the Ralphs Grocery company.   I was a buffoon and can't keep track of my own groceries.  I went home after going to the store, and forgot a whole second bag of groceries with a carton of juice and two cans of peaches.  I realized I lost the juice, and went back to the store and showed the cashier the receipt... they just told me to get another one so I did.  Then I came back home and put the juice in the fridge, only to realize I still forgot to get the canned peaches.  OIIIIIIIIIII!!!

I felt like such a moron.  I apologize to my own brain for letting it down. 

I apologize to Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish.   He was working on a perfect game, other people on the internet were buzzing about it, and then I shouted "Who's pitching the no hitter???"   The moment I wrote that, I knew it was over.  I'm sorry.

I apologize to the ABC Television Network.   This time it's not my fault but I feel bad for them for getting such a quitter like Kendra Wilkinson... that prima donna was doomed from the start.  What a wimp, and to think that other people tried so much harder to dive on TV's "Splash" series.  Hopeless.  ABC, *I* feel sorry for you, friends.

I apologize to the Philosophy Department.   You know what?  I knew I could have attended their shindig at the one professor's house (same one where I set up said professor's new computer with the pool and living room).  It was a welcome dinner/party for incoming new grads.   Dumb move... but I was so excited about Shaq's number retirement ceremony that I couldn't chance it.

I *don't* apologize for shifting my schedule around to watch it.  That Shaq ceremony was GOLDEN!   First class event all the way from the Lakers.   Jeannie Buss does it again.  When Phil came up to the podium and the crowd drowned out the building with "WE WANT PHIL!" chants, I lost it.  I laughed so hard, that made my night.  An otherwise dismal night from the Cow perspective became great thanks to the Lakers.

I apologize to the Dodgers... in a sense I betrayed them, quitting on watching their game once the Lakers started to get going in the second quarter.  Once it was close to half time, when the Shaq ceremony started, I dropped the Dodgers game like a rock.  Aint no time for silly baseball dawg!

I apologize to my bed.  I don't go to bed soon enough.  I'm often formulating ideas for the blog or doing other random research at night, keeping me from my ideal bed time. 

I apologize to the UCLA Bruin Masters Swim Club.   My later nights at the computer are cutting into my swim career... I miss more and more of the practices nowadays due to my struggle to get up early.

I apologize to the beef industry of America.  This close to getting two HUGE NY steaks, bone in, for $9.88, regular price is 27 bones.   I chickened out, no pun intended.   That meat would have been amazing if it was in the fridge right now.  Might consider getting it tomorrow anyway.

I apologize to my two jars of peanut butter and jelly.   I'm not going to have enough time to make a sandwich for lunch tomorrow.  Forgive me.

That's about all I can do with this meme... I gotta stop now before it gets tiresome.

My brain feels so dead lately.   I can already feel so out of it without the drugs.  I fear my own state of mind if I *had* drugs.

Work is wearing me out.  When computers don't start, people can't access their ipads, and so on, it becomes a busy day.  Whole lot of business, some of it needless in my view.  Onward...

Tater tots... still good after all these years.

800 Degrees -- sounds good to me.

I hope one day the Dodgers beat the Giants 18-0.   Someday...

Do they have to force mobile users to use an Apple Account for **EVERYTHING?!**

Adam Corolla is a car, not a comedian. 

Let's hear it for Kobe on his triple double last night!  Woot.

The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco is a huge Lakers fan... I saw a tweet once that she had courtisde seats for a game (and only one game).   Dedication.

Seen any wayward basketballs lately?  Watch for those.

Ok I was just kidding about Corolla, I think he's a funny dude.

Man Show or Win Ben Stein's Money -- who wins?

Good for Franceser getting a "multi-year" extension at WFAN.   He's going to be here for a good while my friends.  

People can make bacon pizza or garlic pizza, but how'd it turn out that so few pizzeria's can do both?

The Blue Jays lost their first game last night.   It's early!  Give it time.  

The Canyon Club sounds like a tennis club, but it's a small concert venue.   I used to see "The Tubes" advertised on their big sign all the time.  I forget who that team is today.

How the heck is Prince going to do a credible concert without "the Revoluion" his band?  Not cool... now "Revolution" might be busy with other projects.

That's all I hae, for now.  Catch you soon!

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