Monday, April 1, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: April 2nd

Do not eat chocolate more than a year after you buy it.   I had some little Snickers fun size bars I had from a prior Easter, probably 3-4 years old and I took a bite.  Disgusting!  I forgot just *how* old they were til I saw a neighboring snack show an expiration date of 2011.  Oi.

It was like biting into moth balls... never again.

April Fools day was pretty good, but gosh darn-it, no real pranks on the internet or anywhere!   Even Google Maps, which was amazing with the Zelda "Quest" mode a year or two ago, just did a boring "Treasure Maps" gag this year.

I didn't see any prank news stories or bogus threads on the message boards.   It seems to me that we just got a little too uptight this year.  For shame.

I had a good time writing about things other than sports yesterday, and I'll try it again this time, but I want to make an exception here and give serious props to Clayton Kershaw, the Dodgers' starting *pitcher* for hitting a home run to take the lead on Opening Day, 1-0.  Then, the Dodgers got some groundouts to score runs for a very productive inning.  They finished with a 4-0 win.  Kershaw, you were already the man but what you did yesterday was a moment for all time.  THANK YOU for being such a legend.

All right!  Back to non sports topics...

I had a staff lunch at the Faculty Center at UCLA yesterday.  Not terrible -- I didn't take any chances and got the Reuben.   Good stuff.

So we come to the topic of sorrorities.   Along Hilgard Ave, where my bus stop is, there's a whole street of Sorrority Houses lined up all together.  You could call it "Sorrority Row."  At the start of every quarter, sorrorities force their incoming members to dress up for a "formal initiation" or something like that.  I've never done fraternities or sorrorities so I have no idea.  But every quarter, you get a massive group of very well dressed women cross the street and visit the sorroities on the other side of the street, with the buses and cars parked on our side of the street.   Hilgard is like a river: to the land of gorgeous babes that we cannot cross, akin to the river Styx.

It might have been possible to dare to go there when I was younger.  Today, probably not, but to those young bucks at UCLA, don't give up the dream!

I can't believe it took me nearly four years to think of this.  Why don't I just *ask* these well dressed women what they're up to one of these years?  Like go over to the crosswalk and yell "Hey!  What are you all dressed up for?"  Haha, I'd love to hear the response.

Ok, one more sports related comment:  MAD and I mean *serious* props to USC for jumping on the train and hiring FGCU's Andy Enfield.  Not only a great move for SC, and not only a great move for Enfield, but let's face it, a pretty good move for his starlet wife too.   With two kids in the books, she could certainly revive her modeling career.  I'd say go for it!

This is quite honestly one of the best most uplifting stories to come from SC in a long time.  The USC basketball program hit the skids big time, and they needed a leader to take them to the next level.  This is as good a move as you can make.  You talk about a move with some upside here it is.

--doesn't mean it works out, but SC's very smart to go after a guy who found some legit talent back in Florida Gulf Coast.

Can somebody explain to me the deal with the goofy t-shirts with a crown on top of it and the fancy writing with some snappy, cornball one liner?  Like "KEEP CALM AND STAY PRESENT."  or "RULE THE WORLD WITH YOUR SPIRIT" and really annoying catch phrases like that. What *are* these things?  Who decided to put a damn crown on the top of it too?  Was it some British creation maybe?   What is the significance of the crown?  I see them with other symbols too......


--see I can make dopey T-shirts too.

Joy, my friends, is a good glass of juice.  I had some grapefruit juice last night.  It was amazing.  Orange juice gives me a smile.   Apple juice is good when it's fresh from the Apple Farm.   Carrot juice mixed in with other things, like V8, are great too.  Juice is a way to better life, I think.

and on that happy note, I'm out!  Have a good one, my friends.  and you can catch up on some of the older blog posts if you're up for it.  Til next time...

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