Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: April 4th

Yesterday I wrote quite a lot of sentences on Daveblog while my brain was falling asleep on me.  There were two sentences in there I could not remember writing at all.  It was some wild results!

Here's my contribution for today's blog.

Saw a headline that read "Roberto Luongo sounds off!"  so I clicked on it, and it was just him fielding boring questions about the trade deadline.  Really, NHL?   This qualifies as "sounding off." Yes, there's *sound,* but there's no excitement anger or interest here.   Try again.

I want to apologize to my podcast audience for rambling about the NBA for the monologue last night.   I did not intend to go in that direction at *all.*  I wanted to just quickly run down the NBA stories and then start my monologue on College Basketball.   Oops.

The Masters is starting laaaate this year.   I hope Matt Kuchar is in there this time.  We do it all for Kooch.

I have Louisville beating Wichita State and Michigan, believe it or not, beating Syracuse, in their Final Four games.  This qualifies as a mush.

Where's my rattle?  Four year old kid's got needs you know!

Milk!   Maaaaa!  THE MILK!!  WE WANT IT NOW!

...that "meatloaf" incident just brought the house down during "Wedding Crashers" the movie.   Will Ferrell in cameos is KING.

Are they going to get on with it and roll out "Anchorman 2?"  Lets see this movie!!

I'm starting to realize why people can't stand Jim Rome now.   As you hear Romey's sports minutes there are many, in fact, abundant, instances of him making references just to out think the room and make himself sound hip.   The problem is, when you do things forced like this, it doesn't resonate as other things would naturally.

Really, that's true of everyone who does the CBS Sports Minute: Tolbert, Feinstein, Gottlieb, Boomer... it never ends.

Flo is better in TV commercials than radio commercials.   True story.

You ever go to an MLB game with a weekly fireworks show, see the game, and leave before they do the fireworks?  This isn't because one forgot the fireworks.  Instead, the guise is to beat the traffic.  --it works!

Back when I used to watch Wheel of Fortune, they used to play the boop boop boop sound when the puzzle had no more consonants to reveal on the board.  Now all they do is play the "no more vowels" sound.   That's because most players buy up the vowels before running out of consonants!  Can you believe how much they've cheapened the value of vowels on the program?   The way you can pile on thousands of dollars and yet keep the price of a vowel at $250 is annoying.  It was worth $250 in 1976!    Here's what 250 bones could get in 1976:  a brand new color TV, about TEN porterhouse dinners, and a 13" Apple MacBook Pro.   250 bones in 1976 is equal to 1000 bones today.   It is a joke how little regard the producers put into vowel values... I think it cheapens the game.   Doncha think so too?

Spaghetti and meatballs... ive made it myself, I've tried it at fine Italian Restaurants, I've tried it at cheaper restaurants, but one place I have never tried it is at Tony P's... I've seen bowls of them served around the sports bar there.  It looks good -- worth a shot!

I've been very tired this week, but my mornings have been good due to my increased amount of sleep... most of my tiredness is at night as i get to bed, but i've been better with getting proper rest.

Brain is now officially fried... bring the tartar sauce.  I'll catch you all down the road...

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