Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: April 17th

Just quickies today, we are short on time...

Did Giants fans ever think they'd say, "Oh we don't have to worry about the offense but MAN is our pitching a problem!"  Times are changin'.

I remember a big reason I made the first trip to NY was in order to see both Shea and Old Yankee Stadium before they both got demolished.   I said, "I am never going to get another chance" and I'm really glad I made the trip, in retrospect.

In light of this, I need to arrange a similar trip to Chicago in order to see the Cubs.  I want to talk to my Dad about this and see if he'd be willing to join in.   With a large renovation plan in place, there's no telling what the Cubs will do to Wrigley Field.  From what I read, it is not going to be nearly that bad, but when you have jokers in the SAME TOWN jack up Soldier Field and essentially build a different stadium in the shell of the old one, it makes you worry.  Might as well check out the "Old Wrigley" before it's too late.

Tickets to Chicago, round trip, are only 188 bones!!  It's Spirit Airlines, which probably means they'll fly the plane with a wing missing or something, but if it cuts the price in half I'm all for it.

In life, there are a number of other places I'd like to check out before it's all said and done:  I want to see Lambeau Field in Green Bay.  I want to go see the Steelers play a home game in Pittsburgh at Heinz.   I want to check out the magic of Oriole Park at Camden Yards.   I'd like to go to an SEC game if I can manage through the ongoing prejudices in the South.

I would *love* to see a game at Safeco Field with the Mariners.  I've heard great things.   I'd like to check out a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden.   It'd be noice to go to Kauffman Stadium for a Royals game, and if I could do it, a Chiefs game at Arrowhead the next day.  There are many sports venues that are out there, and I'm intrigued to go see them all.

To close, I'd like to commemorate a life well lived for the late Pat Summerall, who died yesterday in Texas.   Boy was he great.   He did more with less words than verbose jokers like Cris Collinsworth could ever *dream* of.  Others have tried his style, like Joe Buck for instance, but no one captured the brilliance of the moment in a football game as Pat Summerall did.   His work with John Madden covering the NFC from 1981 through 2001 was a dream for many who watched the game.

I'm glad he ended his career when he did.   He actually seemed older to me than he actually was, and years of alcoholic issues may have created this paradigm.  Nonetheless, he was a true gentleman, a versatile talent, and one we will all remember.  Farewell, Pat.

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