Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: April 24th

More late nights browsing and carousing on the internet...   Unproductive yet enjoyable...

If you remember sports broadcasts in the 1980's or so, I highly recommend an ensemble of production music called "Sportswrap" by "Network Music Ensemble."  You can search for it on Spotify, Amazon Store, and the iTunes music store.  If you watched sports on your local station or cable back then you'll find this music VERY familiar!  Some people use some of the themes (especially track 1 -- Champions) to this day.

A few quickies today as we head into a hump day.

I thought the Warriors were absolutely *finished* without David Lee.  I said, how the hell were they going to win at Denver without a 20 and 10 guy?   Well, they did!   In fact, they smoked the Nuggets!   I was amazed!!  Big ups to Klay Thompson, Harrison Barnes, Steph Curry and the rest.

I thought Curry was done when he rolled his ankle, but he was good enough to finish the game.   That's a warrior, friends.  Ha!  I didn't even mean "Golden State Warrior" I meant warrior in the traditional ancient war sense. What a happy accident.

Today the Lakers take the court against San Antonio at AT&T Center.  Do they win?  Who knows!

Last night -- taco night at El Cholo.   You get three tacos for 4 bones, then when you're done, you can get three more tacos for four more bones.   I thought of doing three rounds but stopped at two, it was good enough.  

Really tender meat on those tacos.   Great salsa... I'm a fan.   Good ole Taco Tuesday!

The other day I figured out what town Vin Scully lived in by chance.  It *blew my mind!*

Why are the Milwaukee Bucks in the playoffs?  Hell... why are the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA?

Also yesterday I had Taco Bell for lunch.   Why the heck did it taste so good yesterday?  It's usually not that exciting.  All they did was start using white lime-cinaltro rice for their burritos.  Subtle change, but so amazing.

I have been summoned to try a new pop tart ice cream sandwich at Carl's Jr.  I'm on the case!

My Dad asked me this weekend if any of my friends tell jokes.   It's an unusual train of thought for my generation.   The reason is because I don't usually think up entire monologues to tell my friends.   Do any of you go "Hey you ever hear the one about the bartender and the rabbi and they walk into a bar, etc etc."  Jokes like that go on so long... and you wait and you wait for a payoff and it's usually a silly grins/adjusts mic moment.  I like funny lines that come to me naturally, in the spirit of the moment.  Long protracted jokes were never my thing.   That's probably why I find Mitch Hedberg so funny, because he threw away the setup and the premise and just gave you the *line.*  It was great!

Other comics can do it the old fashioned way and I love it, but in regular life most of my friends and I just do snappy lines or two.  Traditional "did you hear the one about?" jokes were never common among us.     I wonder:  what kind of jokes do you tell among your friends?

I don't understand Jay Leno.  His jokes are so simplistic... maybe it's because his jokes are too "jokey."  I think he has a few funny lines here and there, but meh, I can't put a finger on this one.  Jay's got his moments but I never understood his overwhelming popularity.  

No major cravings this week aside from the urge to eat another chocolate chip cookie.   An attainable goal, this week.

It's just been one of those weeks.  I don't have anything specific to rant or ramble about.   Ah well.   These are good weeks.  San Diego is waiting for me in a few days.

ah!  I did have a series of elongated discussions with Sheraton management about getting a room with two beds for this weekend.  Even though the Priceline bid I won didn't specify a type of room I wanted to check to make sure they could get a room with two beds.  It took a while and I was working my way up the chain of command but eventually the local Hotel Management assured me of a room with two beds.  NOICE!

San Diego public transportation is more disappointing than I expected.  Not much in the way of frequent buses or trains...   The nice thing is, traffic won't be a problem.  I look forward to the visit!

That's all for now.  Have a good Wednesday all.

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