Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: April 18th

Here we go, time for another big day.

The cold wind is really frigid, but it's masking the warm heat here in town.   It's actually getting really hot now, and once the wind dies down it will be very hot in Los Angeles.

Big news in local sports.  The Lakers got an enormous win last night *and* got some help from the Grizzlies to beat the Jazz to eliminate them from the playoffs.   They still had a shot to get the 7 seed and play San Antonio, so I checked out the first part of the game... they were down 7 at the half, so I shrugged and said "ah, they're still in the playoffs, no biggie."

Then I looked up San Diego hotels or something, and went to bed... my Dad texts me... asked if I was watching the game, and I went over to check the score.  The Lakers were up by three!  I checked the score on my phone because the computer was already off by then and it was the 4th quarter, so I listened to the rest of the game on the radio while in bed.

What a WILD finish, folks!   Chandler Parsons ties the game at the buzzer, and the Lakers go to overtime.  Then all sorts of turnovers and wildness, capped off by Dwight Howards big defense and some closeout offense at the free throw line.  Blake is playing big time in the last week, and it really came out of nowhere.  Lakers win in OT, 99-95.

Tonight, it's time for the LA Kings game.  Kings vs Columbus tonight and my pop will be in town to see it, and I'm invited!  Do the dance!  

That yields the incredibly challenging prospect of getting to Staples Center from work in a timely manner.  My Dad suggested picking me up at UCLA, but that's suicide.  Let's face it: to attempt to get into this traffic tempest is a TERRIBLE idea.   It's a wall of cars between here and downtown LA, you really don't want to be touching it.  They'll be coming from the north, and have a clear shot to Downtown if they just hit the 118, 5, then 110.  Meanwhile I have to figure out how to get out of this tempest without a car.   The best I could come up with is the local bus.  We'll see what happens.

Columbus is a bigger game than it seems on paper.  As you remember, Jeff Carter was traded *from* the Blue Jackets to get here to Los Angeles.  Since then he's lit-it-UP for the Kings.  He scored the OT winner in Game 2 in the Cup Final.  He had a hat trick against the Predators.   He's a top scorer for the team.  Obviously Columbus will have him in mind as the game starts tonight.  Columbus isn't doing too badly either.  They just beat the 2nd seeded Ducks in overtime and got that much needed 2nd point.   The Jackets are 8th in the West, but a bunch of teams are at their heels.  It's a tightly packed conference.  

To be honest, I don't see many of the Jackets' players as household names, but they are a tough out, and have been all year.  Gaborik and Prospal are the only recognizable names.

NBA Playoffs start this weekend.  Very nice and all, but I have about 4, maybe five series including the one with the Lakers in it, to keep an eye on.   It might be five, but I have full confidence the Clippers can take down the Grizzles so I doubt it.  Not to say it won't be a good series, but I'd be really surprised if after all the hulabaloo, the Clippers just lose in the first round.  WOW... imagine that?  It renders the whole Lob City thing as meaningless.

So... could it mean that a dunk equals.........................................................................


No way!  I thought it would have at least guaranteed two series wins.  Whoahhh..

Celtics/Knicks goes 7 games.  Can you really see it going any other way?

Spurs in 6 over LAL, but the Lakers will be in every game, I think.

The Bucks/Heat series shouldn't even be televised.  I refuse to watch a single minute of that series.

OKC/Houston won't amount to much, but I like the storyline of Harden facing his old team.

Warriors vs Nuggets will be a whole lot of fun to watch.  I still have the Nugs in 6.  That's an interesting watch because both teams have a great point guard (Curry/Lawson), both have tremendous athletes, both love to score tons of points, both have an *amazing* home court advantage.  It's as if both teams' strengths cancel each other out.  It's pretty hard to pick a winner, but I think the Nuggets have more experienced players i.e. Gallinari, Iguodala, I suppose even Wilson Chandler, and Andre Miller.   Kenneth Faried is the kind of energy guy they used to get with Chris Anderson or Nene.   Just to summarize, this series is almost like the same team playing itself:  Great PG play, high octane offense, balanced scoring, great home court advantage.  The media will pump up the Celtics/Knicks series, but I think Warriors/Nuggets could be even better!

So in so many words, there are your NBA First Round LOCKS of the Week.

That's all for now, have a good Thursday!

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