Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: April 25th

I'm very disappointed.

Not in sports, DEFINITELY not in the podcast because it was outstanding with my buddy "Beebs" breaking down the NFL Draft.  My disappointment is with the UCLA Northern Lights Breakfast center... I went there yesterday morning to get a breakfast burrito and they wiped off "Steak" as one of the options.

Another cost cutting disappointment.  I *lived* for the steak in that burrito, it was wonderful.  Steak, Olives, Onions, Cheese, Eggs, Bacon, and a tortilla.     Very good and only three bucks.  Now it's three bucks but no steak.  You can still pick ham and sausage in both cases, but it's not going to be the same.

I'm not disappointed in the Dodgers... ok I am but I'm not, long term.   This is a bad team.   Right now, their pitching is pathetic aside from Kershaw and maybe one or two relievers.  The Offense is fine, in fact it should be pretty good.  ...I didn't even see the game last night.

I shouldn't be bothered so much by this loss.  So why am I?   This game is eating away at me more than it should.   It's so early in the season too.  Why am I so upset about this?

I'm not disappointed in the Kings.  I'm worried all right, but not "disappointed."   The Kings are about to lose three games in a row to end the season .   I think I care less about them getting home ice than I do about them slipping to 6th and playing the Canucks again.  On the other hand, I think the 'nucks are a better matchup.   The Sharks are 1-1-1 against the Kings with one more game to come on Saturday.   I don't know, fellas, I think the Sharks are going to be really tough to beat with all their forward depth.

Last night's game at Detroit was going to be tough to win anyway, and since Dustin Brown was suspended due to his hit in the Minnesota game, the Kings were already down a man before the start.  Brownie's out for the Sharks game as well, but that will be all, two games total.

I'd be really surprised if the Kings beat San Jose in Regulation on Saturday.   Not an end all be all, however.

The Lakers... ah forget the Lakers... bunch of nutjobs... but I still think they could sweep the two home games at Staples.  Why not, right?

They say that fat people sweat a lot.   Is that true?  I wonder why that is... do they just get hot more?  Is there more surface area to heat up?  Insulation of the fat maybe?   I'm intrigued by this condition.

I started to sweat in the midsection this morning...uh oh...

I had a cookie and coffee from starbucks for breakfast.  That cookie is really good.  Good times.

I'm sad to report this is all I have today.  It's been an uneventful week but I am still contemplating a move to coach's apartment.  There will be an extra room there for me.   I want to get rid of a lot of things to make this move easier.  He wants me to take my couch there... and that surprises me because my little couch is so *old.*  I thought nobody would care about it, but it's also light so I can manage a move.

What do I do with my record collection?    So many damn records... they get heavy.  I doubt I'd have room for a whole stereo setup in a tiny bedroom.   That's a tough call.  I've got some time to decide.

My old Harman Kardon 330c might be getting sold soon.   Thats my feel for it right now.  I think the speakers stay but I'd like to sell off the smaller secondary speakers that I don't even use.

Clothes.. I need to dump a lot of my oldest clothes.    I haven't done a clothes donation in over three years.  It's time.

DVDs... I think I can keep those.  

I'd like to get a booklet for my many recorded DVDs.    I'm tired of lugging around all those jewel cases... they're so bulky and inefficient.  Quite a lot of things are going to wind up straight in the trash.  Old documents, beat up threads, worn down socks and so on.

I don't even know if I'm actually going to move yet!  but it would be wise to carry on these pre-emptive measures.  It's a new chapter.   Don't forget to turn the page.

This is a good place to end.  Catch you all soon!

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