Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: October 16th

Here we go!   A new start on

Dave's (waaaaahhhh!)
LOCKS (aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!)
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This week: an entirely tough schedule to predict games.  To be honest, there are no true LOCKS this week.  Tons of rivalry games in effect, tough, close matchups, small point spreads.  It's tough to get any diamonds in the rough, but we'll offer a sampling this time out.  Three games, here we go:

In College, we'll start with a tradition -- USC at Notre Dame.  Notre Dame had a whole week off, and a great win in Texas against Arizona State.  SC had that same week off *followed* by a coach firing, a new regime, and a big home win against Arizona.  In this matchup, I think you go with the better talent and despite all their foibles, I find SC to be the most complete team.  Their defense has really responded in every area other than cornerback, and they should have enough to rough up Rees or whoever the Fighting Irish QB is this week.   Won't be easy but I feel like Interim Coach Ed Orgeron will bring enough energy to the Trojans for the road win.  We'll go USC +3 at Notre Dame.

Next!  Here comes another case of "putting money where my mouth is."  In addition to Georgia, I felt very good about Clemson's chances to be a big team in the ACC.   This week it's the game of the season thus far for Taj Boyd, Sammy Watkins and Coach Dabo Swinney.  Clemson had a major scare at home against BC last week and could barely score a lick.  That might scare a lot of people into taking the points with FSU, but instead, I'm going the other way and riding confidence in a team with great offense, an improving D, and a mission.   If Clemson can't be motivated enough at home to take over the ACC, when are they ever going to do it?   I like their chances despite FSU's terrific defense.  Clemson Tigers +3 at home.

Lastly, we go to Indianapolis, and it's wild to go after such a big matchup like this, but the Colts have shown tremendous improvement this season and just suffered a "looking ahead" loss at San Diego.  This time they're at home where already they took down Seattle in an emotional victory.  It doesn't get any more emotional than this week when longtime Colts QB Peyton Manning returns to Indy as a member of the Broncos.   Broncos dominated the NFL season early on but their last two games have been a little shaky.   It took quite a while for them to put away either Dallas on the road or league-worst Jacksonville at home.  It also seems like their defense could be had downfield.   Look for Indy to open up the playbook and, we hope, a big game for young QB Andrew Luck.  I like the Colts to cover +6.5 at home, here's to a great game on Sunday Night!   Colts +6.5 at home.

Big games, big matchups, and hopefully, big results for all the above teams.  To recap:  USC +3 at Notre Dame, Clemson +3 at home, and Colts +6.5 at home on Sunday Night Football.

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