Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: October 2nd

Almost every day, I get a notice on Facebook that it's someone's birthday that day.   Nearly *every* time it happens I wish the person a happy birthday.  The funny thing is, some of my FB friends just friended me to follow updates back when I was running "Styrofoam Radio."  I was doing my own hit music internet stream on Live365 years ago and a few aspiring DJ's saw my facebook page through the Styrofoam's station page.   So I latched onto a couple fellas who I otherwise had no connection with.   I kept most of them though, because it's good to get the change of pace facebook updates.  Most of the time it's announcements about DJ gigs or other music projects.  I think it's pretty neat.  Anyway, one of these aspiring DJ's has a birthday today.  Happy Birthday!

It's always good to open a door for another person.  It's definitely good to open the door for a lady.  It's an *especially* good idea to open a door for a lady if the woman is pregnant.   If I ever missed one and the poor girl had to open the door, I couldn't live with myself.

For about 8 years, I did live with myself... or I should say "by myself".  I had my own stead in Santa Barbara, then I moved into a new stead in LA.  Now I have a cohabitated stead in Santa Monica with Coach.  Speaking *of* the Coach, I'm happy to announce he's now on twitter!  Follow him: @coach2513 .

Coach is quite excited to start his live tweeting from New York and Connecticut next week.   He'll be there on vacation.  He's pretty new to tweeting so he asked me what to do for an avatar, and I said "just do something basic... a symbol that's easily recognizable."   He went over and took a picture of a jack o lantern nearby.  This is now his identifying photo!  It'll light up any twitter feed.

Now this isn't happening to me personally, but I thought of the concept of "Rebound Guy."  You know why rebound guy works?   Think about rebounds.   You only have to do half the work to get what you want!  To get a shot, you have to make and create the shot.  To get a score, you have to put in a lot of work to get the score.   Rebound Guy is just waiting for something to bounce, have it come *towards you* and then putting yourself in the right position to get it.  That's the beauty of the rebound.  

It's still a good amount of work positioning yourself so that you get the rebound, but to do that really takes a lot of the guess work out of it.  I salute all Rebound Guys everywhere.

and speaking of rebounds, who was ready for the NHL opener last night?  Nobody?  Bah, never fear, we'll get you pumped for hockey with our NHL Preview show tonight on the Dave in the City podcast.   Ron in NJ, Mike in North NJ, and "Parcells Falling Out" will join us for the particulars.   It's at blogtalkradio.com/daveinthecity .  Ok enough self promotion, onward...

I tried to get some pizza last night, but nothing was really satisfying me.  I called a local place on 15th street a few blocks from my apartment and, just to give you an idea how quiet our neighborhood is, the guy on the phone said they were closed early because it was so dead traffic wise.  Here's the kicker, as I said "oh that's all right, no problem" he jumped in with "but I can still make a pizza *for* you if you want!"  He was really enthusiastic about it too, but I didn't want to impose.  I basically let him down slowly and said I'd try another night.

I mean that too -- I think I'll try the pizzeria on a different evening.   Maybe even tomorrow!  I saw some photos of the place, it's called BricoLA or something.   Apparently they have very good pizza.  I'll check it out.

I tried the cookies at Sweet Lady Jane's Bakery but I was more disappointed than anything.  Not much richness to their cookies, which admittedly is not their forte.  SWJ is all about cakes... their cakes are out of this world, but it also means they're not as strong in other areas.  Cookies is their middle of the road product.   At any rate, they don't even do regular choco chip cookies... its like Choco Chip with Pecans or Choco Chip w/ Peanut Butter.   The regular choco chip cookie at NY Bagel Company was worlds better I thought.

Going back to the pizza thing, I came close to buying a frozen pizza then punted on it when I saw the calorie totals.  Oof!   I didn't bother with pizza last night, and just did some grapes and cereal.

HEY!  Let's hear it for the Pittsburgh Pirates!  At last they play some meaningful baseball in October.  I just loved the atmosphere in the Steel City last night.  What a moment.  Hopefully they can keep it going in St. Louis against the Cardinals.

That's all from here... have a good one everyone.  Enjoy your Wednesday.

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