Sunday, October 13, 2013

LOCKS Seaon Total to date: 17-9-1

3-3 this week.  17-9-1 on the season.

Quite frankly, I'm pretty happy, very satisfied even, with 3-3 this week.  It got really dicey.  I thought I was up against my first losing week of the season (and seeing that we started in Late August, it is unprecedented to go this long w/o a losing week).   At any rate, it seemed like it was over... Tom Brady, in a big game against the Saints was at home and threw an interception with only 2:11 left on the clock.   I said, sianara!  Goodbye Pats -2.5!

Then a funny thing happened -- the Patriots magic returned.  First, the Saints stupidly threw the ball on several downs to stop the clock.  Then the two minute warning in between.  THEN, the Pats got it back with roughly 38 seconds to go in regulation.  Brady masterminded a drive that picked all the way down the field and eventually a touchdown pass with barely 5 seconds left on the clock.  Could you believe it?  From sure defeat to an improbable comeback in just a minute!   With that score, I *salute* Tom Brady and the entire Patriots organization.  Even as a fan of a rival team, I can appreciate all the Pats do... and even though I called them "the weakest undefeated team in the NFL" at one point in time, I am happy to be proven wrong.

..yet again.  and the LOCKS of the Week roll on!

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