Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: October 31st

Happy Halloween everybody!!

I did not plan a blog entry today, but I had some coffee and I'm feeling it.   Let's go.

There's a thing I do where I cup my hand and then hit the door handle a couple times w/ the back of my hand.  You know why I do that?  To prevent a static shock to my fingers.  I remember one time, years and years ago, in Vegas where I'd go into all these fancy hotels and get static shocked on my finger tips over and over.  It was frightening.  Ever since then I test for static shock by using the back of my hand before opening any door.  If there is static, it hits the BACK of my hand, which isn't as sensitive.

I only have one costume, the Gorilla Suit.  It's not even a full Gorilla suit... its a gorilla head with two gorilla hands, and I'll tell you what, it's the only costume I need.  Do the dance!

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox for winning the World Series.  One of these days the Cubs will do it... hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha  and on that day I'll be very old.  

Was that mean?  Well, I'll say this... the Cubs need to adjust their attitude toward winning.   If they give it a couple years and commit to winning, and make some decent transactions, that goes for the fans too who get tanked at Wrigley Field, they can turn it around.  

I got all of New England riled up when I made the comment that the Patriots were the "weakest 4-0 team in the NFL"...  to be honest, that comment was me jumping to conclusions.   HOWEVER, I think anybody can look at the Kansas City Chiefs and sense that they are easily one of the weaker 8-0 teams we've seen.   That team has a really limited offense.  They're lucky to get a first down... if they get a touchdown pass it's like winning the lottery.  They are miserable at 3rd and short situations, an Andy Reid signature.

I'm not the only one who thinks this is the week they'll lose.   They're at Buffalo, they already looked close to losing games against Houston and Cleveland.  Why *not* Buffalo?   If they win this Sunday, Buffalo is a lot worse than we thought.  Stay tuned.

Tonight, I'm going to go on a pub crawl, but the joke's on everyone else.  My plan, if all goes right, is to order a jack and coke without the Jack Daniels.  Every single time.  So basically, I'm going to order a coke in a J&C glass, and then I'll watch everyone *else* get drunk around me.  That is going to be a scene!!  Plus, I'll get to sample some of the snacks they have at these bars.  I can't wait, you guys.

More to come tomorrow and later today with LOCKS of the Week.  Have a good Halloween everybody.

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