Tuesday, October 29, 2013

LOCKS now up to 21-13-2

There were two games that really had a shot to hit which would have really put me ahead, but instead we settled for a decent week where six picks went 3-2-1, and the "1" was a San Jose State game that nearly was blown altogether, and the Spartans rallied for the 7 point push.  I'm very thankful to them and David Fales for keeping me afloat.  The second game that almost hit was Northwestern +4, but a botched scoring attempt and the eventual overtime loss to Iowa by way of touchdown ended their hopes.

Altogether, college picks went 1-1-1, pro picks went 2-1, and the week went 3-2-1, pushing our season total to 21-13-2.  As long as there aren't any 0-3 like weeks down the road, the odds are good to finish the year with a winning record for the first time..... ever!

Stay tuned...

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