Sunday, October 27, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: October 28th

Are you familiar with the montage they do during the Oscars, once every year?   They do a montage for all the people in the movie industry who died that year.  Some of the guys they show in the montage get a big round of applause from the audience in the theater.  If they did a montage like that for sports this year, we would see a big, long five minute standing ovation when they got to the Pat Summerall and Stan Musial part.

Can you imagine all the fake spider webs they use for Halloween?   You'll get some houses so old you won't know where the fake spiderwebs end and the real webs begin!

Filed under the category of "really inappropriate jokes":  Lou Reed left us yesterday.  He died at the age of 71.  Sad news all around -- he was a music icon.  I guess now he tells us "Hey babe, take a walk on the dead side..."

Not much to tell in the way of personal stories this weekend.  My only exploit was to Palmdale with my family for a quartet of birthdays.   A nephew, two nieces, and a cousin celebrated their birthday this week.  I had a great time saying hello to my relatives again.  

At the party we had this soup called Posole.  It's pronounced "poh-SOLE-eh" and it had some pork in it and garbanzo beans... and a green soup.  Quite good. 

We also had a pinata.  I said this before but imagine the practice of hitting a pinata?  You talk about teaching violence at a young age, this is it.   Oh I'm just kidding! It's our family tradition, but to be honest, none of us grew up to be people with guns or giant cro bars trying to beat up people, so when we were kids, we were able to distinguish the line between fantasy and reality... so we'd be able to get pinatas of popular Disney characters and whack them with a broomstick.

Hell even as an adult, I'd be happy to beat up a popular Disney character, ohhh did I say that right?  I meant just the pinata of one.

Oh!  Would you imagine our whole family, about 25 people out in the back yard, spotted a parrot in the trees.  And we stared at it and took pictures... really colorful parrot it was.   Then, my uncle took it and put it into a box.  Then they got a bird cage for the parrot and now it's their pet.  I will name it "Petey," and his favorite team will be Rutgers.

Nobody's going to be scared of any guy with the name "Lance Lynn."

I'm happy to report the batteries in my bathroom radio were replaced yesterday.  I *finally* got some new batteries at Bed Bath and Beyond.  I also owe them an apology for this tweet:

26 Oct
Best Buy in-store pickup option >>>>> Bed Bath and Beyond pickup option.

In all honesty, the two stores do about the same level of service for their in-store pickup options.   The people at BBB are nice too.  I just went there way too early.  I placed the order onilne before the store opened that day.   It was going to take at least an hour, so I chilled at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and then went back to pick everything up.

Sochi... doesn't sound like a city, sounds like a food, doesn't it?   Perhaps I can go and have some sushi in Sochi

Pick any movie you can think of, and if you ask me "have you seen that movie" most of the time the answer will be "no."

The Jaguars are not only "that bad", they're even worse!

One common complaint, overly long blog entries.  I'd like to make my contribution to stamping out overblogging -- see you all on Tuesday!

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