Sunday, October 6, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: October 7th

Stereotypes are not my thing.  I like my types in "mono."

I made some roast beef sliders on asiago bread yesterday during all the football.   I went to the grocery store, got the freshly sliced roast beef, then some cheese, then a loaf of asiago bread.   It all came together very well, actually.

That's really all I needed:  I didn't have to leave to pick up food in the afternoon or anything.  Just some cold cuts, bread, and a good time.   Good games were on yesterday.

Well let me tell you something:  LOCKS of the Week went 3-2 but that was *supposed* to be 4-1.  Could you believe the tomfoolery that ended the Ohio State/Northwestern game?  A sack causing a fumble, then a return for a defensive touchdown for Ohio State, *all as the clock expired.*  That gave Ohio State the improbable 7+ point cover!! 

I think most surprising of all is that all three NFL games were picked correctly.  That's an extremely rare day when all the NFL games hit.  They did.

I felt very confident about the Green Bay game in particular.  A great job by the Packers eventually putting away the Lions.

I looked up my time for my first attempted 100 meter butterfly race from a year ago: 2 min 20 sec.  I *know* I can beat that!   I mean I think I could beat that just swimming it at regular workout speed... in a race from a dive?  Totally gettable.  It's official, I'm enrolling in the fall Masters swim meet in a few weeks.  My butterfly stroke has improved a lot over the last year.  I figured out how to to make the "S" motion with my two arms... makes propulsion a great deal easier.   I've worked on my kick and I think that seems better.  I also have a knack for breathing on every stroke like they do in the Olympics.  I compared it once at lunch swim -- breathe every stroke vs breath every other stroke.  For whatever reason breathe every stroke had me go about 1-2 seconds faster.

Put it all together, and I think I could break 2:00 in that race.  We'll see.  In short course yards, I can now swim a 25 yard fly in 30 seconds at casual speed.  Used to take me 35, 40, even 45 seconds to do that.  It's a little longer for short course meters, but having the turn is going to give me an edge.

Oh!  and the turns have been improved too... I somehow feel like my dolphin kick has much more oomph.  I am pumped folks.

Imagine you were up for the 10 million dollar prize on some National Game Show, and the final stage you need to get the money is to have Ricky Nolasco pitch a complete game shutout against the Braves?  OHHH BABY!  No lifeline is going to get you through that one!  and I feel like Nolasco has had a great year here in LA too!

I stayed up for Chargers/Raiders last night.  Why not?  It wasn't even that late for me out West.  

It always amuses me that NFL Network Studios is so close to my home.   It's on Washington Blvd., a road that runs in Culver City down the road from Sony Pictures Studios and Downtown Culver.   I drive by there all the time.  Sometimes I bus past it too.   I always thought... what would happen if I just parked one day and went over to the studio and yelled "sup fellas??"  I can even see their newsroom through the window as I drive by.

Sadly, no stories to really share of late.  The fun is just beginning my friends.   Have a good Monday!

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