Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: October 14th

All day I was thinking about the car horn.  I was trying to get to the freeway yesterday and this joker was stuck in the turn lane with a double yellow line dividing the road.   It just happened to be the lane that connected me to the freeway!  What a loon... I was disgusted, so I popped the horn for a few toots, but he didn't fall in line.. he stayed and waited out about 3 minutes of oncoming traffic to make his turn into the frames store.  I tried to just go over to the next lane but cars were coming onto the lane non stop so I was stuck.  I lived with it, but it was a little annoying.

So the thought I had was:  why does the car horn sound so wimpy now?  Do you guys remember car horns from the 70s?  I mean the honks from those horns have presence and tenor!  They were operatic bombastic HONKS.   Honks with body and vigor!   Now they sound so cheezy... "weep... weep weep."   Erg... it just isn't the same.  And my thought was -- why DID the horn have to change?  It's not like a horn would cost that much money to begin with, and it's not like car sizes changed that dramatically over time.  Even a compact car is just 1/3 less large as a regular car.  I don't get it.  What's so wrong with a manly sounding car horn?

I don't even want to know HOW the Tigers blew a 5-0 lead with a chance to pull the jugular.  That's why the Tigers are never going to win a World Series in this decade... right there.  I saw the score, it was 5-0 Tigers, and then suddenly they lose 6-5... and it was 5-0 Tigers in the *fifth inning.*.  The Detroit Tigers have NO KILLER INSTINCT, and furthermore they have a joke bullpen.   I've said enough.  Great comeback from the Boston side, though.

I can't necessarily say the Dodgers lack killer instinct... the pitching did its job, and even the bullpen did its job, but losing an extra inning game, followed by a 1-0 loss the next day where the only run was an UNEARNED run, and I felt like that was a backbreaker.  Couple that with the prospect of putting the young Ryu, who tanked, up against Adam Wainwright tonight, and I feel like the series is over.  I'm going to be honest with all of you:  the Dodgers lost their last two LCS series in five games.  If we meet here again on Wednesday night and the NLCS isn't already over I will be absolutely *shocked.*

I'm sorry!  but when you get 11 chances to score the game winning run in two games and come up empty, it's just not meant to be!  I'll be rooting for LA just the same but it's going to be impossible to refute the obvious facts...the Dodgers are just not the kind of team that can execute in big spots... and the Cardinals are!  When the Dodgers win, it's usually by a half dozen runs or more.   That's what made the Uribe go-ahead HR so remarkable last week... it was the kind of magic we didn't see from them in the 'offs up to that point.

Georgia's Football season is over.  After a loss to Missouri at home, that was all she wrote.  I'm not upset at the bulldogs... I still thought they were the best team in college football, but injuries reduced them from the best team in the NCAA to a pretty good team in the NCAA.  What can you really do?  Both RB's were out, so it turned UGA into a pass only team and they got exposed that way.   Gurley would have made a world of difference against Mizzou, and I think you gotta give the Tigers a ton of credit for seizing the opportunity and taking the W, staying undefeated in the process.  This is a huge win for Missouri, no question about it.

With a series loss, the Dodgers will have lost their last three NLCS'es in a row.  The funny thing about it is, this will be the first time a team lost its last THREE NLCS series in a row since...the St. Louis Cardinals lost three NLCS series between 1996 and 2002... in 2004, they finally would break the hump and enter the World Series.  Perhaps luck will find the Dodgers side down the road and we'll see a World Series down the line.

More than anything, the LCS so far has been a moment of sadness.   I really wished the Dodgers would have been more competitive at the plate, and not choked with the bases loaded, or with a guy on first and less than two outs.  What can you do?  It's not really in your control, right?

I would say this, however, with respect to Game 2.  Game 2 might have been different had Hanley Ramirez started.  He was hurt and could not play game 2... I was imagining what he'd do if he was healthy... bah!   A little too late to cry over spilled milk no?

I think this might be the week for pulled pork.  What say you?  Would you be in a pulled pork mood?

Would you believe I slept for 10 hours on both Saturday morning and Sunday morning?  I was shocked to see what time it was when I woke up both times!  I have not done that in years... years and YEARS and years.   I was frightened to know I could sleep that much.  Holy heck... how did it happen? 

I saw a photo meme that said "What if they kept the name 'Redskins', but changed the mascot to.......................... a potato?"  I was like "whoah!"   Then, I thought, why stop there?  I think they could do away with the Tribal concept entirely and just call themselves the Washington Potatoes.   Spud it up!  Instead of the Hogs, which to this day never made any sense... ok fellas, here's a concept:  Let's dress up as miss piggy for the game.  REALLY?   What does a pig have to do with Native Americans or the Nation's Capitol?  Nothing!  Absolutely nothing!!   And grown fat men dress up this way?   The whole "hog" thing was just so bogus from this mongo's point of view.  Ah right, I was talking about what to replace "hogs" with... well forget it, don't replace the "hog" thing with anything.   It's the "Washington Potatoes" and their mascot could be Senator Spudsy.  If guys want to dress up goofily, they can perhaps become giant Mr. Potato Heads.  Something like that.

I know all the old school staunchies would have issue with changing the name of the team, but listen, the current-Redskins have been a joke for 20 years.  It might be time to do something drastic anyway.    If you knew that changing the name "Redskins" to "Potatoes" would get your team to the Super Bowl, wouldn't you do it?   I think it *could* be worth it, just saying.

I want to give one final shoutout to four friends who were really good to me this weekend:  John in Greenwich (aka YOTS), Umbertos Clam House, Andy in Seattle, and Floyd Merriweather (who I call "Kevin" in regular life).   You all were fun to hang out with, and our moments this weekend were stellah:  from the USC game, to the trip to see a roadside sign, to the collaborative podcast, to the bars, and the sports viewing parties.  The restaurants, oh the fun restaurants.  I remember John and Umberts and I were chilling at Swinger's Friday night, just before the rush of people came in, and we had our breakfast trinkets.  It's such a classic Diner here in Santa Monica.  We also had the good fortune of meeting a waitress from NJ.   She wasn't keen on the sports, though, so we didn't try to push that angle or the WFAN angle on her.  It was a good time.  That was just one of an assortment of memories.

Documenting all the highlights of our various meetups would take up reams of paper, so I think as the year goes along I'd like to share some of them in phases.   There is much to tell, and I hope to get into more detail when the time allows.

One other thing... I'd been trying to find a good waffle place all year that was convenient to me.  Swingers finally showed me the way!  I had no idea they served such a good waffle -- usually the waffle is too thin or too brittle or too soft, but this one was perfect:  Belgian in style, crispy and tasty.  It was great!  Thanks to Swinger's for setting me up -- hat's off.

I don't really know what the term "hat's off" really means, but I can only assume it's when you either tip the cap or take your cap off as a way to show respect or honor to someone else.  Like, a lady walks into an establishment and a guy with his hat on takes it off briefly to say "howdy ma'am".   So, I was always under that impression of the term, but I digress.

That's all from here!  Be well.. enjoy your Monday.  

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