Monday, October 28, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: October 29th

Happy Tuesday you all!

Anything going on?  Well... not exactly.

It took me about 28 minutes to grill two italian sausages last night on the stove.   I cooked it extra slowly so that it wouldn't rip or anything.  I feel like that was great strategy.  Never has a sausage been more consistently cooked.  It was pretty good.  I just put it on a bun and ate it.  Good times.

Good work by the Red Sox winning last night.

Had a great sleep yesterday morning.  It was tremendous.  Going to bed really early these days.  I don't know why, but it's been feeling very good.  I love sleep during the cold autumn and winter days.  Yesterday was REALLY cold.  Once it gets cold, there's no going back is there?  Good times.

When is "The Goldbergs" going to get cancelled?   How can network executives consistently be this stupid?  Did anyone think this show was going to succeed?  From day ONE?  I mean, we saw promos all summer:  I went out there and asked "How much longer before it gets cancelled?"  I asked that back in September -- I realized they hadn't even shown the PREMIERE yet.

Coach convinced me to watch the first episode so I checked it out on DVR.  It was terrible.  Not even Jeff Garlin could save it.  It might be the worst rated scripted show on ABC.  I think it is!  

Mike D'antoni would be "the Goldbergs" of NBA coaching.  Nobody thought that would succeed in LA except the joker who hired him, the pigheaded Jim Buss.  Well played.

I need an eye appointment soon.  I should check my eyes to make sure I don't need an adjustment on my prescription.   You always pronounce it "per-scription" even though it's spelled "pre" as in "pree-heat" or "pree-set".

That's all for now.  Have a good Tuesday!

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