Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: October 3rd

Division Series starts today, woo!!!

There's a very real chance that the two teams I want to succeed most in the NL this month won't make it happen.  In fact, for the Dodgers, I am almost *convinced* the Braves win Game 1.  Like, locked in stone.  We'll see, I still think the Dodgers have a great pitching staff and I think they'll go on to win this series, some way some how.

The Pirates are the other team to watch.   This is going to be tough -- St. Louis has the experience and the pitching to make serious noise.   However, the Pirates have great pitching in their own right and a hungry, hungry lineup.

Yesterday I tried some pizza at a pizza by the slice place called BricoLA.  I teased it, and I did it!  Coach came by to have a slice as well.   It's pretty good!  I like the creativity of the slices.  Some of them are very interesting.  Spicy Salami and Onion.  Barbecue Chicken.  One with some gourmet vegetables.   For a place that's right by me on Montana no less, this is a great Pizzeria in Santa Monica. and I mean *great.*

I suppose the only complaint is that the slices don't get reheated enough, but I could always order a personal sized pizza or a regular sized pizza fresh from the big oven.  No worry there.

I swam the unfathomably early 5:45 swim today.  I could not believe how well I was killing it there. I  loved it!   Hit all my intervals... even outlasted my lane mates today.  I guess a lot of people leave the Thursday swim early... it's a 90 minute swim and it involved a lot of stroke other than freestyle.  No matter, I was on top of it.  

There was a time, years ago when I started, when my lane mates would lap me.  I've come a long way indeed.

Do people still say "Rock it" or "You Rock" or "Rock on?"  I use it occasionally, but the concept of "Rocking" something is straight out of the 80's.  Every time I use that term as a verb it makes me feel a little silly... verbiage that's out of date, so I tend to be more selective with it.

It'd be like saying something is "the bomb" or they got moded.   Total 90's trip in that spot.

I think that's all for now.  LOCKS of the Week Coming up!

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