Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tyler's Investments this week: 1-3. Season Total: 2-6

Tyler's investments went 1-3 for the week ending October 28th

The hits...

Giants +6

The misses...

NC State +31.5
UCLA +23.5
Falcons +2.5

He'll give it another shot tonight!  Tune into the podcast at 7:50pm PT or 10:50 ET for Tyler's Investments, along with our buddy Gerry in Piscataway and Kevin on the Cape for "Random Questions."


Also tonight!   NBA Talk, World Series Banter, and the "Clown Car Award" presented by Andy in Seattle.  and BY THE WAY -- we are going to zero out Tyler's record so as to begin the


John in CT (Football Pick'em Podcast) will join Tyler and I at 7:55/10:55 tonight to bring us his four picks of the week, and we'll see who wins out.  We also will tally both guys' season total beginning with tonight.  Let's do this.

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