Monday, September 30, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: October 1st

Happy October.

This is a very grim time for our nation.  The Government shut down as of Midnight today.  I don't know how.  I don't know why.   All I know is that people in our government can't agree on anything anymore because it has to be all black or all white.  What an utter disgrace, but before we just shoot the messenger I should just make a quick ode to all the so called "news" channels out there who spread shameless propaganda to all the TV viewers out there and forced their people to not think for themselves but do what the TV said.  Now nobody can work together on anything... and as far as the networks are concerned, it was all for... MONEY.

Well congratulations... Wall Street won -- we lost.


Does the shutdown mean I don't have to go to work today? I work at a Public University, run by the State of California, which I imagine is some tie-in to the Federal Government right?  I doubt this is true, but it'd be funny if I went to campus tomorrow and they told me to go home.  RIGHT?  That'd be a hoot!  I don't have much else going on, what the hell... I need a nap anyway.

Were the Dolphins napping last night?  Man...  another non-competitive Monday Night Football game goes by the boards.  One of these weeks we'll get a good game.  The best MNF game I've seen so far, if I remember correctly, was the Opening Night doubleheader game: Texans/Chargers.

I'm still swimming really well these days.  I'm pumped!  It's been going well.

I'm still miffed about the Government shutting down.  How have we failed so much as a society... the whole government stops working?   What is it they say -- we fear most what we don't understand.  Anger is bred from fear.  It's the worst.

Sorry you all had to read all this but this is particularly frustrating.  I just don't know what's going to happen.  What can you do?  Maybe hide, or run.

If you had to build a shelter, what would you stock up with?  I'd put in a whole lot of canned peaches, soup, meaty soups, chicken soups, some other emergency materials, tons of cactus coolers, some orange juice, and of course, a ton of water!

I don't have a lot of optimism today, but hopefully someone or something can prove me wrong.  That's all from here for a somber blog entry.  I hope to come up with something better tomorrow.  Til Wednesday.

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