Saturday, November 23, 2013

Contrarian Sunday: NFL Week 12

Last week, I looked at the money lines for underdog teams in the NFL and fired on most of them who were getting odds, i.e. at least +100 for every 100 dollars wagered... that usually equates to a one to one return.   100 dollars wagered equals a 100 dollar win.  A money line is a bet on a team to win outright.

At any rate, here are the current money line odds for underdog teams this week - NFL Week 12:

Bucs +320 at Detroit
Jaguars +380 at Houston
Vikings +190 at Green Bay
Chargers +170 at Kansas City
Dolphins +185 vs Carolina
Steelers +105 at Cleveland
Jets +160 at Baltimore
Raiders +105 vs Tennessee
Colts +135 at Arizona
Cowboys +115 at NY Giants
Patriots +105 vs Denver
Redskins +210 vs San Francisco

You don't have to try them all, but based on the return for some of the more unlikely picks and the parit in the NFL, there's a good chance that if you bet on most of these ML's at once, you'll come out ahead.  Try it out!

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