Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tyler's Investments vs Ron, John, Andy, and Ottis: November 20th

Four Challengers this week.  One written, and two on air (at  Let's break down who everyone picked one by one.

Ron in NJ

First to Ron in NJ, who wrote in the picks this week.

Vandy +3 vs Tenn.
Min. +16 vs Wisc.

Next he presents "The Stone Cold Lead Pipe Lock of the Millennium:" Giants -2.5 vs Dallas
and Lions -9.5 vs TB

John in CT

First, his "Get Out of Debt Play of the Year:" Kansas State -4.5 vs Oklahoma
Duke -6 at Wake Forest

Jaguars +10 at Houston
Rams -1 vs Chicago
and for S&G's he offered Dolphins +4.5 vs Carolina, but this will not be used for investment purposes.

Andy in Seattle

Andy didn't come up with a descriptive title for his strongest lock of the week but he did use some very entertaining mock voices on the air for it!  He has Oregon -20.5 at Arizona, plus...

UCLA +2.5 vs ASU

Patriots +2.5 vs Denver
Saints -9.5 at Atlanta

Say Hello to Ottis

Houston -4 vs Cincy
Baylor -10.1*  vs Ok. State (*We normalize the point spread so that any duplicate picks can use the same line across the board, and we opted to take Tyler's 10.1 spread as the line of record)

Steelers +1 at Cleveland
Cardinals -1 vs Indy

Tyler's Investments

Now we come to the namesake of the Investments Feature, Tyler himself.  Here are his medium to bold investments:

"The Royal Embossed FDIC Insured Triple Platinum Diamond... [I forgot the rest of the words] LOCK OF THE WEEK," is Oklahoma State +10.5
Texas A&M +4.5 at LSU

Chargers +4.5 at KC
49ers -5.5 at Washington

Good luck to all, and may the investments bring good fortune!

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