Monday, November 25, 2013

LOCKS of the Week Season Total: 25-23-2

At last!!  A winning week on LOCKS.  The NFL was the real star of the show.  In a week where many underdogs ruled the day, we fired on two high profile 'dogs and nailed them:  Cowboys +2.5 at NYG and Patriots +2.5 vs Denver.

In an interesting development, both teams only won by three points, but it was enough.  Big wins for us on LOCKS of the Week.  The sole loss was UCLA +1.5, and for that game, it wasn't that surprising to see them lose.  They had a shot to take the game even near the very end.

Overall, LOCKS went 2-1, bringing the season total to 25-23-2.   LOCKS of the Week were going down in flames, and it was great to see this weekend restore order.   We'll go back at it again for Thanksgiving, probably on Wednesday we will post our Turkey Weekend LOCKS of the Week.  Stay tuned!

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