Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Tyler's Investments: TURKEY EDITION - November 28th

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  From all of us at LOCKS of the Week, and those of us with Tyler's Investments, we wish you a happy, wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  May it be full of good tidings and great food.

Now, let's get to our investments of the week.   We won't have a Wednesday podcast this week, so instead we offer you each of the Challengers' and Tyler's Investments here on the blog.  We start with our challengers.  Up first, our season standings leader...

John in CT (10-5-1)

North Carolina -5.5 vs Duke
Hawaii -7 vs Army

Rams +9.5 at San Francisco

Seahawks -6 (normalized to -4.5) vs New Orleans

Say Hello to Ottis (5-3)

Baylah -13.5 ovah TCU  - we will go back to da well heah aftah the loss last week
Clemson +4 @ South Carolina

Steelers +3 at Baltimore...the road to the 'offs continues
Pats -9 at Houston

Ron in NJ (4-4)

Nebraska -3 vs Iowa
UCONN +3 vs Rutgers

Cowboys -9.5 vs Oakland

Cardinals +3 at Philadelphia

Andy in Seattle (3-4-1)

Texas A&M +4.5 at Missouri
Arizona State -12 vs Arizona

Cowboys -9.5 vs Raiders
Seahawks -4.5 vs New Orleans*

*For investment purposes, I'll normalize the spread to the most advantageous number, in this case -4.5.  This means John in CT will also be awarded a win if Seattle covers -4.5.

Now to Tyler for his Thanksgiving Weekend Investments...

Tyler (8-8)

Alabama -10.5 at Auburn
Southern Cal USC -3.5 vs UCLA

Broncos -4.5 at KC
Seahawks -6.5 (-4.5) vs New Orleans

The collaboration of picks yields some very unique advantages this week.   We will normalize the Seahawks line to -4.5, as mentioned, so that all persons get optimal ability to cover.  Unlike last week, with few common picks, we have two very common games for investments:  Cowboys -9.5 and Seahawks -4.5.

Three people picked the Seahawks to cover this week on Monday Night Football.   Two picked Dallas to cover against the Raiders.   This indicates great confidence in both teams.  Good luck to all of the investors and here's to another good week.

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