Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Tyler's Investments vs Andy in Seattle and Ron in NJ: November 13th

This week, Tyler tries to have back to back winning weeks.  He takes on two new on-air challengers plus John in CT's written picks.  Here's how it broke down.

Tyler's Picks:

Oregon -25.5 (vs Utah)
Louisville -15.5 (vs Houston)

Colts -2.5 at TEN
Packers +6.5 at NYG

Andy in Seattle's Picks:

Houston +15.5 vs L'Ville
Duke +3.5 vs Miami (FL)

Saints -3 vs SF
Chargers -1.5 at MIA

Ron in NJ's Picks:

UCLA -2.5 vs WASH
K. State -10.5 vs TCU

Giants -6.5 vs GB
Jags +6.5 vs ARI

John in CT's Written Picks:

Duke +3.5
Kansas State -10.5* vs TCU (John used -11.5 but we'll use 10.5 for investment purposes)

Bears -3 vs BAL
Bucs +1.5 vs ATL

Good luck to everyone and their investments!  You can hear them for yourself on this week's Dave in the City Podcast.

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