Monday, November 4, 2013

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: November 4th

Sending my thoughts and hopes out to Gary Kubiak.  Please get well soon.

I've had a lot of stress the last two days, and I think it's centered around someone I serve at the department.   Some folks are not as forgiving as others and have to have it their way.  I think all of us have seen this at our workplace.   A guy like that can put you on the spot, and it really disrupts everything else you do.

So anyway, the thing I'm trying to do is locate an old software license from many years ago, before I even started working here, but it's not working out.  It drove me nuts in my mind all weekend.  I'm just going to have to order a new license, but I worry that the person might be upset about that.

So you can see where the problem comes from.  Onward.

I tried a loaf of bread called "Crushed Wheat Bread."  I was like "is it the same amount of wheat as whole wheat bread?"

It really isn't.   Whole wheat is just that, whole, no modifications.   The wheat in this other bread yields a cross between Wheat Bread and White Bread.  I'm not a big fan of white bread, but this crushed wheat "hybrid" is pretty wild!  It's different!  It's really good with toast.  I ate peanut butter sandwiches with it this morning, fantastic.

A neighbor of our was kind enough to offer some pasta sauce he made all morning.  REALLY great, really generous of him to do.  I think he was going around offering samples to other neighbors as well.  However, on Twitter he cited some issues with the Barilla pasta company.  The CEO or owner made some really homophobic comments, and all sorts of people are protesting Barilla.  Here's the problem -- I bought a box of Barilla pasta and a jar of Barilla sauce months ago, long before any of us heard these insensitive comments.  Now, I'm not going to be some kind of bleeding heart and junk the pasta entirely.  HOWEVER, my neighbor is one of the boycotters of the pasta, which he used to get himself. There's *no* way I can have it on my conscience to eat his pasta sauce with Barilla tainted pasta noodles.  Instead, I'm going to the grocery store to get Creamettes.  I looked them up on google, no issues with social insensitivity or other gross moral issues.

It was a falafel weekend, and what a success it was!  We went to a place in Hermosa Beach called "Poulet du Jour".  They had amazing falafel, a little spicy, delicious, incredible.    It came with some hummus which also was fantastic.   We ordered some rotisserie chicken with it, which was also tremendous.  The restaurant was great, and the people there were really wonderful too.  It's a wonderful family run institution.

I was very frustrated with some of my NFL picks yesterday in pick'em, but to be honest, it wasn't quite so bad.  Just a couple bad breaks which took away some of the wins.   I was very close to getting 6 of 13 last night, but Wade Philips destroyed any shot the Texans had of getting a huge victory.  Hopefully the Packers can beat up the Bears and we can save face.   Fingers are crossed.

I need to get out more.  I'm wasting too much time on Saturdays watching lousy Big Ten football games.  I could have spent that time going outside, checking out the beach, shopping for used records, walking around, meeting people, having lunch, enjoying life.  Instead I was spending hours on the couch watching four Big Ten teams combine for 3 completions in an hour.  Just unbelievable how ugly Big Ten football really is.  There wasn't much else on that afternoon -- that's the crazy thing.

The time change is really weirding me out.  It has me sleeping really early at night and getting up at my normal time, but with 9 hours of sleep each day now.   So far so good, and I feel great today, but I'm struggling to stay awake past 10pm at night.  That's not so bad, I think, but it's very odd.   Glad to have regular standard time back in my life though.

That's all from here, catch you all later!

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