Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tyler's Investments vs. John in CT and Say Hello to Ottis: November 6th

This week, Tyler's Investments go up against John in CT AND Say Hello to Ottis.  Here's how it went down for each of our investors.


This week, he offers us a special 5 BILLION STAR LOCK:  LSU +13.5 at 'Bama.  Then...

UCLA -1.5 at Arizona
Saints -7* vs DAL
Ravens Money Line straight up vs CIN

*Tyler announced the spread as 7.5, but given that John and Ottis saw the line at -7, we are going to honor the bet at the superior point spread, -7.  A push will be allowed for Investment purposes.

John in CT

Ole Miss -16.5 vs Arkansas
Pitt +5 vs Notre Dame

Cardinals -2.5 vs HOU
Saints -7 vs DAL


Oregon -11 at Stanford
Houston +10.5 vs UCF

Saints/Cowboys Over 54.5  (had selected Saints -7, but elected to use the O/U so as to avoid duplicity w/ Tyler and John)
Raiders +7.5 at NYG
Bonus pick of Bills +3 at PIT (unofficial pick for Investment purposes)

Good luck to all!  May the best investor win.

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