Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tyler's Investments Results: Tyler 3-1, John 3-1, Ottis 3-1. Winner: TIE (for now)

This is as good as it gets!  All three persons on "Investments" went 3-1 this week.   Tyler really should have gone 4-0, but I take full responsibility for his lone loss -- a 5 billion star lock on LSU +13.5.  At halftime, I texted him that his 5 billion stars are paying off and that jinxed his bet the rest of the way.  A terrible job by me!   So here's how his results broke down:

Tyler's Hits:

UCLA -1.5 (UCLA won by 5)
Saints -7 (Saints won 49-17)
Ravens Money Line (Ravens won 20-17 in OT)

Tyler's Misses:

LSU +13.5*  (LSU lost 38-17)  *Dave jinxes outcome of game.

John's Hits:

Pitt +5 (won 28-21)
Cardinals -2.5 (won 27-24)
Saints -7 (won 49-17)

John's Misses:

Ole Miss -16.5 (won 34-24, did not cover)

Ottis' Hits:

Houston +10.5 (lost 19-14, covered)
Saints/Cowboys over 54.5 (total score of 66 for the game)
Raiders +7.5 (lost 24-20, covered)

Ottis' Misses:

Oregon -11 (lost 26-20, did not cover)

All three persons went 3-1.  Usually we take the person who had the best record for the week and award him winner of the week.  HOWEVER, with a tie, I don't know how to break the tie.   Season record?  (Tyler is currently 4-4 for the season, John is 5-3, Ottis 3-1).  Maybe we all bet on aspects of tonight's Monday Night Football game?  I'm not sure.

For the moment, all three win the week, with a three way time... co champions!  Congratulations!

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