Monday, November 11, 2013

LOCKS of the Week Season Total: 22-18-2

Three Hits, Three Misses, One tie... and our season total is now 22-18-2.

This week didn't go quite as well as I'd hoped but it had quite a lot of highlights!

First of all, Auburn -7 was a huge hit.    I was not quite positive this would hit, but Tennessee really proved themselves to be positively awful in the second half last Saturday.  It was pleasing.   The NFL picks went *really* well.  We went 2-1 in the NFL games, including an under the radar Minnesota win, plus a very gutty performance by the Ravens, which almost went to pot after an unlikely hail mary from Andy Dalton to AJ Green off a tip.

My mistake this week, as it's been over the last five weeks, is my reluctance to stay away from high profile College Football games.  It's been killing me for weeks.   I never learn either... another week rolls around and I continue to go after those "prime time games."   LSU looked good for a little while, but they were overmatched once the second half started.   Oregon, well, I fully underestimated Stanford's defense in that one.  I had NO idea Stanford was still capable of that kind of a pass rush.   Great energy on their part.  I haven't had a winning week in college picks in quite some time.  I really need to stop these high profile picks and just go after the seemingly obvious choices.   We'll have some looks at a few lower profile college games coming up.

So, to review: College picks went 1-2-1.  Pro pics went 2-1.  For the week, we went: 3-3-1.

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