Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dave Breaks the Seal (plus thoughts of the day): November 6th

It finally happened.   I opened a hypothetical wagering account online.

The day was coming eventually... here it is.   I will now begin a series of small value wagers on football week to week.  My first picks ever w/ this account are the following:

Texas -7 at WVU
Ravens +1.5 vs Bengals.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby!

-- other thoughts of the day --

I can't get enough of the pizza at Brick + Mortar.  Prosciutto pizza keeps me coming back for more.

Why are Korean Fried chicken wings so expensive?   They taste delicious, but are they worth $1.50 each tiny wing?  No way!   It boggles the mind.

I found a groupon for a 5 for 10 dollar deal.  So you pay 5 dollars and get a 10 dollar voucher for Starbucks purchases.  Do the dance!

"A Football Life" is a tre-mendous NFL Network series.  Kudos to them for instituting it.

Here it is, friends.  A GREAT College Football Thursday.  Usually Thursdays get the throwaway games or some games with sneaky potential, but two sure-fire showdown matchups on the same night is rare!  Oregon vs Stanford.  Oklahoma vs Baylor.  Can't ask for much more at this stage of the season, can you?

Should be a fun night!   Catch you all tomorrow for more, plus an investments update coming up in a moment.

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