Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tyler's Investments: Tyler 3-1, John 3-1, Andy 1-3, Ottis 2-2, Ron 2-2

This week was very competitive on "Tyler's Investments."   Tyler had a good week, capped by the Niners' domination of the Redskins.  Overall, he went 3-1:

Hits:  Ok. St. +10.1, Chargers +4.5, 49ers -5.5
Misses: Texas A&M +4.5

John in CT (3-1)

John had the best week of the challengers.  Really, I think we've arrived where I think JOHN is the one everyone is challenging.  He's been great!   John retains first place in the overall standings after a 3-1 weekend.

Hits: Duke -6, Jaguars +10, Rams -1
Misses: K-State -4.5

Andy in Seattle (1-3)

Andy had a near wipeout week, but salvaged the week with a gutty Patriots win on Sunday night football.  To be honest, it was a very tough week to bet college football across the board.  Lots of very strange outcomes in the NCAA, onward.

Hits: Pats +2.5
Misses: Saints -9.5, Oregon -20.5, UCLA +2.5

Say Hello to Ottis (2-2)

The Oat Man also had a rough week with college picks, but rebounded nicely with his two NFL picks… he implemented a little contrarian logic to select the Cardinals, and that made all the difference.

Hits: Steelers +1, Cardinals -1
Misses: Houston -4, Baylor -10.5

Ron in NJ (2-2)

Ron had the only winning record in college picks between our investors, but unfortunately, the G-Men did not come through for him in the NFL.

Hits: Vandy +3, Min. +16
Misses: Giants -2.5, Lions -9.5

Now, let's bring up the season totals for our investors…

Season Standings

John: 10-5-1
Ottis: 5-3
Tyler: 8-8
Ron: 4-4
Andy: 3-4-1

As mentioned, John and Tyler have been doing games throughout the contest, but the others joined in  two weeks later so we go by percentage points to compute placement in the standings.

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