Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tyler's Investments: Tyler 1-3, Andy 2-1-1, Ron 2-2, John 2-1-1

Here's how Tyler and the Challengers did last week on "Tyler's Investments"…

Tyler was not so hot as he was a week ago, he went 1-3.

Andy in Seattle went 2-1-1, hitting both college picks and pushing one NFL game and losing the other.  

Ron in NJ went 2-2, splitting his college and NFL games.

John in CT went 2-1-1, split the two college games, won with TB, and pushed with the Bears.

Head to Head

Tyler and Andy went head to head with Houston vs Louisville with Tyler giving -15.5 and Andy taking the 15.5 with Houston.  Houston covered the spread giving Andy the head to head win.

Tyler also went head to head with Ron in NJ w/ Packers/Giants.   Tyler took GB as the underdog and Ron went with the Giants, laying the -6.5.  The Giants won convincingly, giving Ron the head to head win.

Checker on Checkers

As for Checkers on Checkers, i.e. common picks between our investors, both Andy and John took Duke +3.5, and they won outright.  Also, Ron and John took K-State -10.5 but they only beat TCU by two points, so both persons lost the pick.

Season Standings

John: 7-4-1
Ottis: 3-1
Andy: 2-1-1
Ron: 2-2
Tyler: 5-7

As we rotate persons into the challenger spots, some of our investors will have a few "games in hand." Generally speaking, I will go with percentage points to compute placement in the standings.

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