Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dave's LOCKS of the Week: October 15th

It was a very tough week to think of games to pick from this week's point spreads.  Nothing stands out, so we have just two LOCKS for this week, and they're both in the NFL.

First, I like the Bengals +3.5 at Indianapolis.  My goodness, how quickly did everyone quit on the Bungles?   It just seems nuts that now we all think they're bums... and yes I think they're overrated and not to be trusted in big spots, but their defense is not the Jaguars now.  I don't even think the Jaguars are that bad... but that's another matter.

Anyway, the Colts have done well for themselves lately, but if they think they're going to just throw all over Cincy, they are mistaken.  Granted, the last two QBs did just that: Tom Brady and Cam Newton.  They were flat out great... but the Colts never make it easy... they struggled to put away a good D-line like the Houston Texans.  I see the same story this Sunday.  There is just way too much confidence in the Colts, and I feel like their team needs work defensively and in their O-Line.   Lastly, the Bengals are simply due for a win.  Even without A.J. Green, this team has way too much talent to have a 3 game win-less streak.  There's no way!   and... well, even if they don't win, I think I'll have a good time with them getting embarrassed anyway.

Yep!  It's another "Dave in the City"  "eff those guys!" bet!   If they cover, I win, if Indy tramples all over them, I still win.  Bengals +3.5 at Indy.

My second and final pick is Giants +6.5.   I've had enough of the Giants.   I've picked against them twice I believe and got burned both times.  This time I'm going to pick them to cover +6.5... and one of two things will happen.  a) they cover and/or win  and b) they don't cover and get kicked around by the Cowboys.  I *love* both outcomes, and the fact is, the Cowboys may come into this game a little flat after an emotional, impressive, incredible win at Seattle.   Dallas would be liable to start slowly and pull out a win at the end, but the point spread is just too big.  Dallas was about a 6.5 point favorite against Houston at AT&T Stadium and nearly lost to them.   The 'Boys did not cover on that day and I don't think they cover here either.  Giants +6.5 at Dallas.

So, with the Jaguars +6 on the table, I'll pass on that affair for now and stay with the two strongest choices: Bengals and Dallas.  No picks in college this time out... we'll be in for some fun for football, enjoy the games!

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