Monday, October 13, 2014

Dave's LOCKS of the Week Results: 3-1!! 9-14 for the year.

A monster week for LOCKS of the Week!   Turns out that my "hunches and funny feelings" played out brilliantly... Cowboys were the biggest winner of them all I think.   One could have seen the Cowboys getting blasted late, but it didn't happen.  In fact, the Cowboys controlled most of that game in Seattle.  What a moment!

First winning week since Week 2 and this is how it all broke down:

Hit with: Washington State, Patriots, Cowboys
Missed with: A&M

That's the last time I involve Texas A&M in any football pick for quite some time.  Their defense is simply terrible and their offense suddenly stops once it plays a big SEC school.   For future reference, that's still zero wins against ranked opponents at Kyle Field for Kevin Sumlin's A&M career.

Anyhow, the NFL picks were red hot, and I'm thankful for good fortune this week.  I also picked the Raiders +7.5 against the Chargers, but this will not count for the purpose of LOCKS of the Week.  All in all, a successful weekend, and with LOCKS we now go up to 9-14 for the year.   That's still quite a ways off from .500, but we'll try to cut into that deficit again next week.  Stay with us!

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