Monday, October 13, 2014

Mike Francesa's NFL Week 6 Results: 1-2 this wk., 12-9-1 for the season

Even Mike admitted it on Friday, this was going to be a very tough week to pick games... nothing really stood out, and for the week he went 1-2.  The big disappointment, from Mike's point of view, was the Steelers.   I have never seen a modern Steelers/Browns game that uncompetitive from a Steeler standpoint.   That was a surprise for all the wrong reasons and the Browns won 31-10.

Put simply, the Steelers stink!

Let's run it all down for Mike's Week 6 picks:

Mike hit with: Ravens, and a very gutty move by him too... barely anyone even addressed this game and this was a great job by Mike sniffing this out.   Baltimore dominated.
Mike missed with: Steelers, Seahawks.   You can't really poke fun at him for picking Seattle... you'd love your chances taking the Seahawks in a game like that, and many times they pull through for the betting-public.  

So!  1-2, and now 12-9-1 for the year (or 13-9-1 if you ask Mike).   Let's see how Mike rebounds in Week 7.

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