Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Kids Club Podcast Picks - Week 6: October 8th

I'm still fighting the flu as I write this, so tonight we'll present the Kids Club's picks in written form only.  Hopefully we'll resume the on-air podcast picks next Wednesday.

Oat Man has the lead, Ron is close behind, and John and Andy are in striking range.   Let's see what they all have for Week 6...

Say Hello to Ottis (11-8-1)
Clemson -9.5 vs Louisville
Florida State -24 at Syracuse
Bears +3 at Falcons
Steelers +2 at Browns

Ron in NJ (9-10-1)
Clemson -9.5 vs Louisville
Mississippi State +3.5 vs Auburn
Broncos -8 at Jets
Patriots -3 at Bills

John in CT (8-12)
Memphis -8.5 vs Houston
Texas A&M -2 vs Ole Miss
Vikings +2 vs Lions
Falcons -3 vs Bears

Andy in Seattle (7-13)
Baylor -7.5 vs TCU
Texas A&M -2 vs Ole Miss
Packers -3 at Dolphins
Patriots -3 at Bills

These are some pretty good picks!   One pick went head to head (Checker w/ Falcons -- Ottis with Bears), and we have three games were checkered on checkered:

Clemson -9.5 (Ottis, Ron)
A&M -2 (John, Andy)
Patriots -3 (Ron, Andy)

Pretty much everyone's in it... good luck to the picks for Week Number 6.

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