Tuesday, October 14, 2014

"Kids Club" Podcast Football Picks - Week 7: October 14th

On the @ditcow show this week, the Kids Club once again filled in for the unavailable Junk Man and we had great time breaking down some manic movement at the top of College Football's ranks along with the various comings and goings of the NFL.   So!   With Ron, Ottis, and Andy on air, and John sending picks via text, here's what the Kids Club picked for Week 7.

Ron in NJ (3-1 last wk)
Missouri +5.5 at Florida
Colorado State -5.5 vs Utah State
Bears -3 vs Dolphins
Seahawks -7 at Rams

Ron also offered these two bonus picks which will not count towards the contest: Colorado +19.5 at USC and Rutgers +19.5 at Ohio State.

Andy in Seattle (1-2-1 last wk)
Duke -2.5 vs Virginia
Arizona State +3 vs Stanford
Chargers -4.5 vs Chiefs
Cowboys -6 vs Giants

Say Hello to Ottis (1-3 last wk)
Ole Miss -16.5 vs Tennessee
Baylor -8 at West Virginia
Patriots -10 vs Jets
Broncos -6.5 vs 49ers

John in CT (0-4 last wk)
Kansas State +8 vs Oklahoma
Louisville -17 vs NC State
Ravens -7 vs Falcons
Jaguars +6 vs Browns

Nothing specific of note about the picks except that there are NO Checkers on Checkers (common picks) for Week 7.  Some of them were re-assigned on air.  Good luck to all the picks and enjoy the games!

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