Monday, October 13, 2014

"Kids Club" Picks - Week 6 Results: Ron goes 3-1, big rebound, Ottis hangs onto 1st

College Football was once again very un-kind to the Kids Club as we have yet again avoided any Kids Club members with a split sweep in College games, but we did have our friend Ron in NJ with the sweep of his NFL picks.   It wasn't as big a disaster as about two weeks ago for our Kids Club but we got some good and some pretty bad.

The Kids Club is doing a little better with pro picks, despite some of the matchups seemingly tough to gauge on paper, but it's worked out well.   Ron wins the week at 3-1, Andy went 1-2-1, Oat Man went 1-3, and some wicked fortune for John as he goes 0-4.  Let's run down the results player by player:

Ron in NJ (3-1) 
Hit with: Mississippi State, Broncos, and Patriots
Missed with: Clemson

On the subject of Ron's Broncos pick I hadn't noticed at the time that he was picking against his own team, the Jets.  As a Jets fan I was surprised he'd go that way even though it was a very solid move... generally speaking, it's tough for fellas to pick against their own team, but he felt pretty strongly  about the Jets' misfortune entering Sunday.

Andy in Seattle (1-2-1)  
Hit with: Patriots
Missed with: Baylor, Texas A&M
Pushes: Packers

The Packers had a real dogfight with Miami, and a stellar final drive by Aaron Rodgers, led the Packers to a win and a push against the spread.   A&M disappointed quite a lot of people coast to coast, including Dave on "LOCKS of the Week."   Hard to see what's next for the Aggies after two VERY disappointing losses to superior defenses.   That puts A&M 0-2 against the State of Mississippi so far.

Say Hello to Ottis (1-3)
Hit with: Bears
Missed with: FSU, Clemson, Steelers

I'm not positive whether any of these were "spite" picks, but the FSU pick would have leaned that way as they were playing Syracuse.  Hauntingly, they missed a would be cover by just a touchdown at the Carrier Dome.

John in CT (0-4)  
Hit with: [none]
Missed with: Memphis, Texas A&M, Vikings, Falcons

I feel for John... he's been so good at picks, and I *know* this is not any indication of his prognostication skills.  He won the contest last year, and I hope he bounces back in a big way over the next month.  The Falcons have let a lot of people down this month, and now you start to wonder if they're even a good team.   I might go so far as to say the same about A&M, but time will tell.  The SEC West is very very tough this year, tougher than ever.   Mississippi State, Auburn, Alabama, Texas A&M, Arkansas, and Ole Miss are all in the same division!

Ron's big week now closes the gap for first place, but Oat Man still hangs on due to his three split sweeps which is better than Ron's 2 sweeps for the tiebreaker.  Here are the up-to-date standings:

Say Hello to Ottis: 12-11-1
Ron in NJ: 12-11-1
Andy in Seattle: 8-15-1
John in CT: 8-16

Tuesday night, we'll meet with the Kids Club on-air to get their Week 7 picks.  Ron will try to keep it rolling while the others try to get back on track.  Join us for all the particulars at , 10pm ET / 7pm PT.

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