Monday, October 6, 2014

Dave's Thoughts of the Day: October 7th

I've been in the mood for fruit punch for a while.

Could today be the day?  We'll find out.

I have some bad news folks.  I tweaked my foot this week.  It happened while I was running.   I think my left shoe was on too tightly and it gripped the side of my foot too much.  Now it feel like some really little joker is putting a vise to my foot's side tendon.  When I try to walk full stride it hits me hard.  Ooh!   I had to walk much more slowly today and it curtailed swimming altogether.

I gotta give it some rest.  Since I got home its been feeling better.  Hopefully it'll hold up and heal by tomorrow.  If it doesn't I may get it checked out.

That *run* by the way was the best run I'd done in a long time.  I don't run that often, but on Saturday I was inspired to try another six mile run.  I did six miles once before on the track, and maybe a couple times on the treadmill.  This time I ran six miles from my home down the coastline, past Santa Monica Pier, and down to the Venice Boardwalk.   Great run!  Scenic.  Gorgeous.  Then I ran back the same way.  I've got to do that again sometime!

Perhaps not any time soon though, in light of my foot.  Imagine?  3 years of swimming and no major injuries. One day jogging and I get a foot ACL?   Just nuts.

I tried the chorizo quesadilla at "Tacos Por Favor" and it was pretty good, but I didn't think it was worth the price.  It's sold for more than the price of the nachos, and yet, its much smaller.  I could have had the same amount of meat, cheese, and tortilla, by ordering two chorizo and cheese tacos.  AND, the two tacos would run 5 bones total or 3/5 the cost of the quesadilla.   It was not to be for a long term solution.

I think the baseball Giants are putting this away tonight.   The Giants are very good at closing series, and with even Vogelsong they'll take care of Gio Gonzalez who apparently is NOT very good.  I had no idea of this, but then our friend Ari in Philadelphia said that the Mets won only 4 of 13 games against the Nationals this year, but all of them were against Gio Gonzalez!   He's apparently a shaky pitcher and Vogelsong isn't that good either but he tends to be solid for the first 4 innings.  I love the Giants here to win.  I'm so confident about it that I am assigning the Giants as my quintuple-confidence LOCK of the day.  So Giants to beat Washington in the NLDS and complete the series.

Dang.. unfortunately that's all I had today.   I had some other stories I shared about a week ago in case you missed it.  Catch you all soon.

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