Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Kids Club Podcast Picks: Week 5 (Oct. 1)

We had an extended "Kids Club" spot tonight on the #DITCOW podcast due to Junk Man's unfortunate trouble with his car.  We all extend best wishes to the Junk Man and hope he gets home safely (or got home safely by the time we publish this).

So, we carried on with the extra allotted time and even spoke about the MLB Postseason.   So, let's see how our panelists try to build on their record here for Week 5.  Here are the picks...

Say Hello to Ottis (8-7-1) 
Baylor -15 at Texas
Louisville -2.5 at Syracuse
Jets +7 at Chargers
Packers -8.5  vs Vikings

John in CT (8-8) 
ECU -42 vs SMU
Tennessee -3 vs Florida
Falcons +4 at Giants
Ravens +3.5 at Colts

Ron in NJ (7-8-1) 
Notre Dame +2 vs Stanford
Wisconsin -8 at Northwestern
Falcons +4 at Giants
Colts -3.5 vs Ravens

Andy in Seattle (6-10) 
Oregon -23.5 vs Arizona
Alabama -6 at Ole Miss
Packers -8.5 vs Vikings
Cowboys -6 vs Texans

Good luck to all the picks, and here's to a big Week 5!

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