Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Kids Club" Podcast Football Picks - Week 8: October 22nd

Here are the Week 8 picks from the "Kids Club" as delivered on the @ditcow podcast!

The theme of the week was "17.5" as in the many 17.5 point favorites that were chosen for college football this week.  We'll list the picks plus each person's season record, and we start with John:

John in CT (11-17) 
Nebraska -17.5 vs Rutgers
Oklahoma State -1 vs West Virginia
Lions -4 vs Falcons
Jets -3 vs Bills

Andy in Seattle (11-16-1) 
Oregon -17.5 vs Cal at Levi's Stadium
Auburn -17.5 vs South Carolina
Patriots -6 vs Bears
Colts -3 at Steelers

Say Hello to Ottis (14-13-1) 
Alabama -17.5 at Tennessee
Michigan St. -17.5 vs Michigan
Bears +6 at Patriots
Seahawks -5.5 at Panthers

Ron in NJ (13-14-1) 
Mississippi St. -13.5 at Kentucky
Ole Miss -3.5 at LSU
Bengals -1 vs Ravens
Packers +1.5 at Saints

Some of these picks are pretty bold... we'll see how they all do over the weekend.  Good luck to the picks!

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