Monday, October 6, 2014

Mike Francesa NFL Week 5 Results: 2-1 in picks, now 11-7-1 for yr.

Mike does it again!   Two favorites and one underdog, and two out of the three hit for NFL Week 5.  Here's how it broke down.

Mike hit with: Bills, Steelers
Mike missed with: Saints

The Saints had a real letdown game against the Bucs at home and it took overtime for them to win.  Hard to really fault anyone for taking the Saints in that spot.   Boy, will the Saints ever get it together?  They've played completely unconvincing football for a month and a half.  The Bills was a particularly good value pick... 7 points for the Bills, and Buffalo wins outright.  Great work by Mike.  He's 2-1 for the week, and now 11-7-1 for the year, or "12-7" according to Mike's crack production team.  We cannot verify his 12th win so for the moment we'll stay with 11.

It makes no difference, with Mike starting 0-3, he is now 11-4-1 since that time in just four weeks.  Now to see if he keeps it going in Week 6.

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