Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Dave's WEEKEND MADNESS goes 6-3! and LOCKS of the Week finish 3-3 (Season: 12-19)

Weekend Madness was a great success!  The capper was Redskins +10 at Dallas… I felt good about that and boy did they come through, didn't they?  Not only did they cover the 10, but they won outright in overtime.   Tony Romo was hurt during the game, but even so a great win for Washington.

That game finished off a great weekend of do-or-die picks from the weekend.  Here's how WEEKEND MADNESS broke down.

Hit with: SF Giants, Saints, Redskins, Isles over, Flyers over, Michigan State
Missed with: Penguins over, Maryland, Mississippi State (that damn half a point got me!)

Mississippi State.. would NOT have picked that game at all if I knew it was -14.5.  I thought it was -14… in fact I was waiting for it to go down to 13 but it didn't happen, but no matter, we got through it.

But, all in all, a 6-3 finish… I'm very happy to have a big finish in what could have been our last entry of this blog.   Thankfully it worked out.

LOCKS of the Week were not as lucky due to the Chargers running out of steam plus the aforementioned mis-cue selecting Mississippi State too late.   A good lesson to myself about why I need to make these picks earlier in the week.  I tend to find the point spreads more favorable when I jump on it early.  LOCKS went 3-3, bringing my season total to 12-19.  One more winning week and we're going to be in striking range for .500.  I have all the way until January to make it up too.  Let's break down the LOCKS:

Hit with: Michigan State, Saints, Redskins
Missed with: Chargers, Maryland, Mississippi State

Many of the picks here were included in "WEEKEND MADNESS."  One thing I noticed is that my pro picks have been doing much better than my college picks.   I'm going to step back through the weeks and see how it all adds up:

10/24: 2-1
10/15: 0-2
10/8: 2-0
10/2: 1-2

I did not pick NFL games this year until October, so that is my entire NFL picks history.   Well!  We went 5-5.. not as great as I thought, but it is quite a lot better than my record with College Games.

So!  Let's try to build another winning week.  We'll get it rolling by week's end, stay tuned for more LOCKS of the week coming up.

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