Friday, October 3, 2014

Mike Francesa NFL Week 4 Results: 1-1-1 (9-6-1 season record)

Sorry for posting these so late, in fact, it was after Week *5* started with last night's Vikings/Packers game.  BUT... here are Mike Francesa's results for Week 4.  He went 1-1-1, which was a decent week, but there were some big opportunities for his games to hit for him.  The Steelers for example, they were up double digits, only to lose outright to Tampa Bay at home.  The 49ers were down a pretty decent amount and actually were pretty charmed to push their -5, but if the Niners had played better from the start (specifically the offense, defense was great!), they could have won more convincingly.

So here they are!   Mike's results after Week 4:

Hit with: Packers
Missed with: Steelers (a very *painful* miss I'd imagine)
Pushes: 49ers.

So for the year, Mike is now 9-6-1.  We never deduced the mysterious "bonus win" Mike awarded himself, and our colleagues corroborate that this is his official record, no matter what he says at 5:30 today on WFAN AM and FM.   What will he choose to build upon his record?   We'll have that for you later today here on the Daveblog.

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